Monstera Deliciosa Fruit: What You Need To Know Before Taking A Bite?

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Fruits are delicious and the variety is endless. For someone who loves eating fruits at all times, there is a pure bliss in trying different types of sweetness. Although some fruits are common like banana, apple, guava, and watermelon; there are some rare fruits that we seldom wonder about. One of those fruits is Monstera Deliciosa. Also known as the fruit salad plant or breadfruit, this is a unique choice which everyone wants to talk about. In this blog, let us see what is the fuss about Monstera.

This fruit called Monstera Deliciosa has a mixed flavour of banana and pineapple and is absolutely delicious. Some people wonder whether this fruit is even edible but it is absolutely easy to consume. There are just a few things that you need to keep in mind while eating the fruit. Let’s see what they are.

5 Things To Remember About Monstera Deliciosa

5 Things To Remember About Monstera Deliciosa Before Eating
  1. Eat when the fruit is ripe

Monstera, when consumed in its ripe form, is a delicious blend of flavours. It is actually an exotic fruit. But in case you consume it in an underripe form, that cannot be a good thing. When the fruit is not fully ripe, its calcium oxalate crystals are activated. They cause an irritation in your throat and mouth and can even create a burning feeling. You can catch a throat infection as well. So, the best option is to consume this breadfruit in the ripe form. At this time, the calcium crystals dissipate.

This leads to a question – how do we know that the fruit is finally ripe? Our next point will clarify this doubt.

  1. The right time to eat the fruit

Monstera Deliciosa is a beautiful-looking fruit that rapidly grows up to 12 inches. It has the resemblance of a corn’s green ear. When the fruit is mature and properly ripe, these green scales will slowly lift and open. At this time, a creamy flesh will be visible which you can consume. This opening up is first visible at the bottom of the fruit and will transcend to the top from there. When the green scales fall on the ground, there is a sweet fragrance that engulfs the fruit. This means you can eat it now. If the scales are not easy to break, this means that the fruit is underripe.

Want to ripen the fruit quickly? Put it in a brown paper bag. Close the top and put the bag away at room temperature.

  1. Flavor of the Breadfruit

So, what exactly does this fruit taste like? Firstly, it is yummy and anyone who is a sweet fruit lover will enjoy it. Everyone describes the fruit in their unique way. Some say that the flavour is a combination of banana and pineapple. Others say that there is a flavour of strawberry in it. Some even say that they can taste passion fruit within.

Along with the flavours, the fruit is also a good source of vitamin C and potassium.

  1. Fruit grows indoors or outdoors?

Monstera Deliciosa can be grown indoors. But turning it into a flower or fruit requires proper growing conditions. If we talk about the native regions where this fruit grows properly, it is Central America and Southern Mexico. In those regions, the climate is suitable for the fruit to grow and flourish.

The plant usually thrives in a warm climate where the humidity level is high. It uses cord-like roots for climbing the trees and taking out water. So, if you grow the plant indoors, it will not bear fruit.

  1. Harvesting period for the fruit

The harvesting takes up major time for Monstera Deliciosa. It takes about 1 year for the fruit to come. This is after the flower arrives. The rest completely depends on the location’s growing conditions.

This salad fruit has a wholesome nutritional profile. It contains minerals and vitamin B, alleviating your stress and lethargy levels. The fruit also enhances the levels of endorphins in your body. It is free from fats and only has carbohydrates, making the fruit a great choice for everyday consumption. Just make sure that the fruit you consume is ripe. Rest is all super set!

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