Non-Obstructive Bowel Gas Patterns: A Closer Look!

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Non-Obstructive Bowel Gas Patterns

Non-obstructive bowel gas pattern is also termed as non-specific bowel gas pattern. Hence it is important that you get to understand that both are the same before delving much into the details of the same.

This is a condition usually reported by the radiologists in their reports. In such cases, the patient might have gas in their bowel and this is identified by an X-ray or abdominal scanning. Even if the presence of gas is detected, it would be difficult to detect the gas through these laboratory tests.

For this, additional checkups would be needed. The presence of gas can be a normal thing or it may have health complications, but all these can only be confirmed after detailed checkups the radiology scans. In this article, you will get to know all the necessary details regarding the non-obstructive bowel gas pattern, including its causes and treatment.

Symptoms Of Non-obstructive Bowel Gas Pattern

In order to suspect or identify this health condition in the first place, you need to be aware of the early and prominent symptoms of the same.

Symptoms Of Non-obstructive Bowel Gas Pattern

Having a comprehensive knowledge of the symptoms will let you seek medical help and undergo the necessary checkups without causing delay. Some of the major symptoms have been mentioned below.

👉Abdominal Pain

This can be seen as one of the most common symptoms among those who are suffering from this condition. The presence of gas and its movement inside the bowel is obvious to cause pain in the abdomen which needs to be addressed properly. 


The motion of an individual would only be smooth if and only if the gut is healthy in every aspect. Otherwise, the body will express it through motion, giving you a clear sign to seek medical help.


People who are suffering from non-obstructive bowel gas patterns can also be bothered by nausea. Hence this is also a valid reason to suspect something wrong with your gut.


The presence of gas inside the bowel may also cause issues of indigestion. Indigestion would also lead to vomiting.

Causes Of Non-obstructive Bowel Gas Pattern

It is common for an individual to have gas inside the bowel. But if the amount exceeds the normal limit or if the gas is not something normal inside a human gut, it may cause problems. The major causes of the normal presence of gas in the gut have been mentioned below.

  • Swallowed air

Even if it seems quite silly, this can be a solid reason for non-obstructive bowel gas patterns in individuals. The air we swallow gets stuck inside our bowels and sometimes causes irritation.

  • Carbonated beverages

People who consume carbonated beverages are more prone to suffer from this condition. This is obviously because of the compressed gas found in these drinks.

  • Bacteria-induced gas

Bacteria living inside the colon may also cause gas in the bowels. But this can also be considered normal if it does not exceed the specific limit.

If your non-obstructive bowel gas pattern is not normal, the following can be the reasons for the same.

  1. Intestinal tumor
  2. Hernia
  3. Neurogenic bowel dysfunction
  4. Complications caused due to any past surgical treatments done in the patient
  5. Peristalsis dysfunction

Apart from these causes, there can also be other causes leading to non-obstructive bowel gas patterns. In such cases, it is important that you seek medication and clinical treatment as soon as possible since they need to be treated from the root cause and not just from the symptom.

Popular Treatments For Non-obstructive Bowel Gas Pattern

If the non-obstructive bowel gas pattern is caused by the normal causes, no serious treatment is needed. It will go on its own, and there is nothing to worry about. But if the condition is caused by abnormal causes, serious medical treatment is required as mentioned above. The treatments would be usually prescribed based on the root causes of the condition hence it differs from case to case.

However, if you are suffering from the condition, make sure you make some dietary changes, lifestyle variations, and so on to get rid of the same. Make sure you are also hydrating yourself properly, which can also be a good preventive measure against it. You may also have some counter medications to suppress the irritation caused by the gas. 

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