Understanding Pregnancy-Related Joint Pain: Causes And Solutions

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Understanding Pregnancy-Related Joint Pain Causes And Solutions

Are you someone who has recently conceived and is suffering from joint pain? For your information, pregnancy joint pains occur due to several factors such as weight gain, change in posture, and hormonal changes. A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information reveals that 70% of pregnant women suffer from lower back pain, 33% from hand-wrist pain, and 32% from hip pain. The initial aches that you experience are a sign that your body is preparing for childbirth.

Causes And Remedy For Pregnancy Joint Pain

Now, let’s delve deep into the various factors that cause pregnancy joint pain and different ways to overcome these pains. 

Causes And Remedy For Pregnancy Joint Pain

1. Weight Gain

As you gain weight during pregnancy, it puts more pressure on your knees, thus leading to knee aches.

Remedy – Wear splints as they will offer much-needed relief. Also, practice relaxation exercises and put your feet up so that you can get rid of knee pain. Hot and cold therapy, a nice hot shower,  placing a hot water bag/electric heating pads, wrapping an ice pack in a towel, and placing it are also very effective techniques.

2.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is a condition experienced due to excessive fluid gain in your body that causes pain and numbness in your wrist and hands. 

Remedy – Keep an ice pack, rest your hands, or use a wrist splint if necessary. Also, try moving or shaking your hands and exercising.

3. Relaxin and progesterone hormones

During pregnancy, relaxin and progesterone hormones relax your muscles and loosen ligaments and joints, especially in your pelvic area. Due to the weight of your baby and the weakening of belly muscles, it pulls your lower spine forward, putting extra strain on your back muscles thus causing back pain.

Remedy – Try using proper body mechanics. For example, if you want to pick something up, never bend over from your waist. Squat down, bend at your knees, and make sure that you keep your back straight. Also, use good posture while sitting or standing and practice back-strengthening exercises. 

4. Sciatica

Due to the expanded uterus, your growing baby might press down on the sciatic nerve thus causing sciatica or hip pain. Generally, the pain is experienced in the lower back, buttocks, knees calves, and ankles. 

Remedy – Practice mild exercises such as yoga and do lots of stretching that offer significant relief from these pains. Also, sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs so that there is enough support.

5. Coccyx Joint

Do you experience pain near the end of your spine that gradually increases? It happens due to the pressure of the expanding fetus that is applied toward your tailbone. The pain increases with constipation and during the terminal weeks when the abdomen region reaches its peak.

Remedy – Take a prescribed laxative to treat constipation so that you will get relief from the pain. Also, try techniques such as sleeping on your side and supporting your belly with pillows. Using a maternity support belt may also prove to be effective in relieving back and abdominal soreness. 

6. Hypothyroidism 

A thyroid disease called hypothyroidism is quite common during pregnancy. It happens when your thyroid glands do not produce a sufficient amount of thyroid hormone which finally results in weight gain. Due to the additional weight, there will be excessive pressure that causes pain in your joints. Consult with your doctor as the thyroid needs to be closely monitored and the medicines have to be taken on time.

Remedy – Try acupuncture to get relief from joint pain. Consume foods that are rich in omega-3s such as fatty fish. Taking an omega-3 supplement may also provide relief from joint pain and stiffness.


Hope you got valuable information on pregnancy joint pain and how to tackle this nagging problem. Many pregnant women are under the wrong notion that they would be prone to developing arthritis after the delivery of their baby. However, it is time to alleviate all those fears as not all joint pains are signs of arthritis. The key is to stay healthy by engaging in regular exercise and eating a well-balanced diet. It offers you much-needed relief from the gripping joint pains experienced during pregnancy.

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