How To Prevent Breast Cancer? 8 Effective Methods!

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How To Prevent Breast Cancer

Cancer – the moment we hear this word, a shiver runs down our spine. This cancer is so scary that a day has been dedicated to its awareness. It affects countless women around the world and while this is beyond anyone’s control, we can surely try to do something to prevent it.

In this blog, we will discuss the 8 ways in which we can try to prevent breast cancer. These strategies are simple and proven.

So, what are the different ways of preventing breast cancer? Let’s find out!

8 Ways Of Breast Cancer Prevention

Taking proactive steps to reduce the risk of breast cancer is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being. Look at these 8 methods to prevent breast cancer.

8 Ways Of Breast Cancer Prevention
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight

Are you living with a mindset that weight management is only to look good? Think again and think hard. It is important to keep a track on your weight as it is often associated with several problems. An unhealthy weight issue can heavily impact your overall well-being. That’s why it is imperative that you keep a balance between a healthy lifestyle and weight management. Always be thorough with your exercise routine and indulge in a balanced diet. This will help keep your weight in check in the long run.

  • Physical Regime

Exercise plays a pivotal role in keeping you healthy. It is not only about shedding the excess kilos but much more than that. Your overall health can be kept in check by working out every day. That’s why it is not a surprise that this is one of the major suggestions when we talk about preventing breast cancer. When you indulge in regular physical exercise, it not only keeps your weight in check but also minimizes estrogen levels. Along with that, the inflammation in your body is also reduced and the immune system is strengthened. When there is a combination of strength training, bodyweight exercises, and HIIT, your well-being is taken care of.

  • Minimise Alcohol Consumption

Yes, you can enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail on special occasions. But do not make it a habit. Everything in moderation is okay. According to the scientific evidence collected over time, there is a strong connection between drinking and an increased chance of breast cancer. So, if you want to manage the risk make sure your alcohol intake is in limit. Do not go for more than a glass every day.

  • Smoking is Not Good

Yes, you have been hearing this for a long time but it is a hard fact. Even minimal smoking is also injurious and should be avoided. There is always an associated risk of breast cancer when you are a smoker. So, if you do it then quitting is the first step towards success. If you want, talk to a healthcare expert. You can also attend programs meant to quit smoking.

  • Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not just a duty, it is more of a bonding experience for the mother and child. Along with that, the activity is also one of the methods to mitigate the risk. If you breastfeed for a longer time, the effect also increases. Breastfeeding helps regulate hormonal functioning and menstrual cycles.

  • Timely Monitoring and Self Examinations

Yes, if you get to detect the cancer at an early stage, this can be really beneficial. According to the health guidelines, women who are 40 or older should go for mammograms. This is especially important if the family history has any case of breast cancer. You can always add a self-exam to the routine. This will increase the chances of detecting any kind of changes in the breast.

  • Healthy Diet

Diet is an important part of staying healthy. Along with that, it is also a method of preventing breast cancer. The kind of food you eat affects your body in more ways than you think.

  • Stress Management

Stress is often neglected as something basic. But that’s where you are wrong. Always try to keep yourself calm and stay away from stressful situations. Indulge in practices like yoga and meditation for the same.


Although we can never be sure about cancer, we can always try to reduce the chances. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle and are mindful of your choices, a lot can be transformed. Make sure you keep a good check on your health.

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