What Are The Top 5 Reasons For Neck Pain? Is It Curable?

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What Are The Top 5 Reasons For Neck Pain

Today’s generation sits in a single posture for continuous hours, leading to a lot of issues. One of the most prominent problems is neck pain. This situation has been affecting millions of people around the world. There seems to be no solution at all. So is this problem actually incurable? Or are there any solutions?

In this article, we will talk about the reasons why you are constantly feeling a shooting pain in your neck and whether it is curable.

5 Neck Pain Reasons & Solutions

There are several reasons why your neck might be hurting. Here are 5 of them, let’s see what are they and how they can be treated –

Top 5 Reasons For Neck Pain
  1. Poor Posture:

Today’s biggest reason for neck pain is bad posture. The digital age has made us glued to our screens and our seats. Unfortunately, these desk jobs are why we are hunched, slouched, and troubled. All the strain travels from our necks to our backs. These unnatural positions strain the muscles and ligaments. Ultimately, there is immense discomfort which results in chronic neck pain.


The idea is to give some relief to your neck. You can do this by adjusting the computer screen according to your height and switching to an ergonomic chair. Also, start taking breaks in regular intervals and move your neck to improve its flexibility.

  1. Muscle Strain:

Another major reason for neck pain is muscle strain. If your work involves heavy lifting and constant motion, this can put immense pressure on the neck. Also, if you sleep in an awkward position then all the stress goes to the neck. Remember, an unsupportive pillow can also be the culprit.


If the reason for your neck pain is muscle strain then there are a few things you can try. Give your neck some rest and prevent any strenuous activity until it feels better. Indulge in some gentle exercises for the neck. You can also use heat or an ice pack to give it compression. Also, switch your sleeping position and that uncomfortable pillow.

  1. Tension and Stress:

All of your tension is absorbed by the body. If you are feeling stressed lately then this can impact your neck and shoulders. The muscles are tightened and there is constant pain. There are muscle knots and discomfort.


The first step is to learn how to manage your stress. Add some relaxation techniques and exercises to your routine. Also, engage in physical activity and keep your lifestyle active. This will help in overall relaxation. If needed, you can also get professional help.

  1. Hernia

If you have a hernia in the cervical spine, this can be the leading cause of sharp neck pain. The inner disc core protrudes and puts pressure on the nerves. It can be immensely painful and uncomfortable.


The exact solution for this problem depends on the condition. If the problem is severe, it is important to consult a healthcare professional. He will be able to determine the exact approach needed. The options are physical therapy, surgical intervention, and medicines.

  1. Arthritis

If you have cervical spondylosis (neck arthritis) then there will be constant pain. This occurs with aging and results in bone spur development. It results in stiffness, neck pain, and minimum range of motion.


Arthritis has various solutions. Seek medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications. You can adjust your daily activities, make sure the posture is straight, and always use neck pillows. They provide a lot of support and are essential to alleviate pain.

Is Neck Pain Curable?

In a nutshell, yes the pain is curable. All you have to do is understand the pain and do not take it lightly. It is important to get it diagnosed properly and follow a proper approach. If there is severe neck pain then consult with a healthcare professional.

Wrapping Up

Once the root cause is addressed and you have started a timely treatment, it can immensely improve the life quality. So, start applying the solutions discussed above and get free from that constant pain. Use these strategies and you will see your well-being getting restored.

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