Retinaldehyde: What It Is And How It Work On The Skin?

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Retinaldehyde What It Is And How It Work On The Skin

Natural glowing skin is what everyone thrives on. Since technological advancement has opened the eyes of everyone, most people who ought to have been showing facial wrinkles and skin wrinkles have nothing to indicate that they are old. What about you? Are you still searching for what’s best? If you are looking to try out Retinaldehyde out of recommendation, take a moment to go through this article and learn about Retinaldehyde; its benefits, side effects, and more.

What Is Retinaldehyde?

If you have been hearing retinal, don’t get confused, that is just another name for Retinaldehyde. They are all under one umbrella known as retinoids. Retinoids contain vitamin A. Retinoid is derived from tretinoin (Retin-A) as an active Ingredient. In the form of retinoid acid, it can be used on the skin directly. 

There are other forms that are available as over-the-counter topical products but they must first be converted into retinoic acid before being used on the skin.

When it’s applied on the skin, retinol gets mixed with oxygen and becomes converted to Retinaldehyde, which in turn converts to retinoic acid.

Retinaldehyde Benefits On Skin

How Does Retinaldehyde Work On The Skin?

After retinoic acid has been converted, it can then be placed on your skin to start work. Retinoic acid can boost skin cell turnover or unclog pores and get rid of hyperpigmentation. Once on the skin, over time it will increase skin thickness and stimulate collagen production. 

When it’s done, you will observe that on your skin, there will be reduced discoloration, improved texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.

How Long Does Retinaldehyde Take To Work?

To clearly see the effective result after treatment takes about four weeks. Retinaldehyde is much more powerful and acts faster than other retinol products. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry to see magic, be realistic and expect this magical transformation as you apply the product on a weekly basis. The amount you use should be more than the other, each time you apply the product.

Benefits Of Retinaldehyde

Retinaldehyde has tremendous benefits and they include:

  • Reduction of wrinkles:  if those wrinkles break you, then Retinaldehyde will be a good option to get rid of them. It is actually part of human nature to long for Everlasting life in young looking but sadly we grow old. When the time is near, wrinkles will appear to indicate that it’s time to give room for the younger ones, but the fight is there to remain young forever. So try out Retinaldehyde for better skin texture and removal of wrinkles.
  • Replacement of dead cells: these dead cells are on the skin surfaces and it makes skin look unattractive but when you apply Retinaldehyde, it will immediately remove those dead skin cells and replace them with vibrant and glowing skin.
  • Boost collagen production: collagen is essential for your skin to maintain its firmness and color. Retinaldehyde helps the skin to speed up cell turnover. When Retinaldehyde is applied to the skin’s deeper surface, it stimulates and activates collagen synthesis and boosts its production at a fast pace to accomplish its anti-aging mission. If your skin connective tissues are damaged, it can help repair it.
  • Clears clogged skin: Retinaldehyde acts as an exfoliant to unclog pores by making them become clear and healthy. This means Retinaldehyde can be used in the treatment of acne. It helps balance the production of oil, shrinking the clogged pores so as not to become clogged and inflamed again.

Side Effects Of Retinaldehyde

Despite its potential benefits, Retinaldehyde has negative side effects that can be disturbing but can fade on its own. After carrying out the treatment, you will notice redness of skin, peeling, flaking, and dryness.

There are those with extremely sensitive skin, do not go ahead to apply this product without taking caution. Rubbing the product carefully and slowly with small amounts can help reduce severe skin negative effects.


Retinaldehyde is the one product that can restore your youthful glowing skin. So don’t hesitate to get it. Wrinkles and clogged skin will fade out. It will help boost the production of collagen, fight skin inflammation, and replace those dead cells with active ones. Remember that this isn’t a magical transformation without side effects. If you have highly sensitive skin, take caution and apply Retinaldehyde with care. 

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