Skim Milk Vs Almond Milk: Which Is Better For You?

Skim Milk Vs Almond Milk Which Is Better For You

No one has ever wondered whether skim milk will be compared with any other form of milk, especially the one who grew up drinking cow milk daily. But life is changing very rapidly, and people are more cautious about their health and take a diet as per the calculated amount of protein, calories, and more. So, this phenomenon has raised the burning question: which is healthier, Skim Milk or Almond Milk? Here, you will get a comprehensive answer to this question.

Skim Milk

Fat-free milk is termed skim milk, which has fewer calories, but the composition of protein and calcium is the same as the original milk. In addition, skim milk contains all essential micronutrients that are essential for the human body, and the intake of calories will be 91 units, which is larger than Almond milk, and this is the disadvantage of this milk. As most fitness freak people intake fewer calories in food and drinks, they prefer Almond milk to skim milk.

Almond Milk

Almonds are considered a superfood because they are rich in fibre and good for the brain. Almond milk contains 39 calories, 1.5 grams of protein, and little sugar, but if you precisely note its manufacturing process, then you will hardly get brisked almonds in the milk, which means most of the nutrients are wiped out. In this case, you will lose the essential micronutrients which are good for the body, and this is the major drawback of this milk.

Skim Milk Vs Almond Milk

Now you are familiar with both types of milk, and it’s time to see the differences between the two. In terms of composition of sodium and cholesterol, almond milk is in the winning position because it is free from these two compositions, but skim milk contains 130 mg of sodium and 5 mg of cholesterol. 

Skim Milk Vs Almond Milk

πŸ‘‰Health Factor

People suffering from heart disease have to follow some strict diet plan, and they have to avoid the intake of drinks containing cholesterol. Skim milk contains some cholesterol, whereas almond milk is free from the same, so such patients prefer the latter for a healthy life.

Moreover, if a person is diabetic, then he/she should avoid the consumption of carbohydrates. As we know, the breakdown of carbohydrates results in sugar, and it becomes very hard for the diabetic patient to digest sugar. Almond milk is free from carbohydrates, so diabetic patients can easily take the same.

πŸ‘‰Presence Of Vitamins 

We know that vitamins are vital for the human body, and proper intake of the same helps to keep the body healthy. There are some essential vitamins that we consume every day, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. Skim milk contains 61 πœ‡g/100  grams (Vitamins A), whereas Almond milk does not contain such Vitamin.

If we move further, i.e., the composition of Vitamin D, then there is a slight margin between the two. Skim milk contains 47 iu/100 grams, whereas almond milk contains 41 iu/100 grams, and in this case, skim milk is in the upper hand.  

Now, if we look at the composition of Vitamin E, then skim milk contains 0.01mg/100 grams, whereas Almond milk contains 6.3 mg/100 grams, which means the latter is rich in Vitamin E.

So, if we compare the composition of Vitamins in both milk, then Almond milk is rich in Vitamin E only, whereas Skim milk is rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin D. 

πŸ‘‰Calcium & Potassium

Calcium and potassium are essential minerals which are essential for our body; for the proper functioning of the heart & kidney, potassium is a must, and for the strengthening of bones, calcium is a must. So, considering their importance, the composition of the same in two milks is essential.

Almond milk and Skim milk are rich in calcium; the former contains 184 mg/100 grams of calcium, whereas the latter contains 122 mg/100 grams of calcium, which means almond milk contains more calcium than skim milk.

In the case of potassium, skim milk contains 155 mg/100 grams, and almond milk contains 67 mg/100 grams of potassium, which means skim milk is rich in potassium.

Considering the composition of micronutrients and essential minerals, skim milk dominates almond milk, and hence, Skim milk is much healthier than almond milk.

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