Snake Bites Piercing: What It Is And How To Care For It?

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Snake bite piercing and care

Piercing is a concept that took the world by storm a long time ago. Today, people get excited to get their first ear piercing done. Slowly, those who get excited by the concept take up various body piercings for aesthetics, coolness, or simply for fascination.

One kind of piercing that has gained immense popularity and garnered attention is the snake bite piercing. In this blog, let’s talk about this fun activity and how to take care of it.

Snake Bite Piercing: Everything You Need To Know

Have you seen people get a double lip piercing? This sits around your lower lip’s outer corner. It is just like the labret piercing but the difference is that there are two different piercings placed on either side of the face. As the name tells you, this lip piercing looks like a snake bite. It is particularly known for its striking appearance and cannot be missed by anyone who looks at you. This kind of piercing is perfect for individuals who want to instantly switch their look. If you are going for a punk vibe, snake bite piercing is something you will love.

But before you go for this amazingly unique snake bite piercing, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Snake Bite Piercing

Which Material Should I Select?

This may sound useless, but the material plays a crucial role in getting the jewelry attached to the piercing. Your lip is a sensitive area, and you don’t want anything to harm it. Also, the jewelry will be touching your gums and teeth. So, of course, this is important.

Here are some of the material options you can select from:

  1. Titanium: Titanium is free from nickel and is completely safe for the skin. Although this material is costly, it is a good option, especially if your skin is sensitive to various metals.
  2. Stainless or surgical steel: This is a low-cost option and includes alloys. But since the release speed of alloy is low, this will be a safe choice for most people.
  3. Niobium: This is a lightweight and cheap material. It is somewhat like titanium, but the only difference is that there is no implant-grade designation.
  4. Gold: Pure gold is the safest option. It is costly, but this will be suitable for keeping your teeth and gums safe from any kind of infection.

Risks Associated With Snake Bite Piercing

So, are there any risks when you are about to go for a snake-bite piercing? You are, after all, puncturing a tissue. So, some snake-bite piercing risks are always there. Here are some things you need to keep an eye on:

  1. Damage to the teeth and gums: If you have a piercing and you talk or chew, there will be a rubbing of jewelry against your teeth and gums. This can lead to irritation and damage.
  2. Swelling: Swelling is common for any kind of piercing. This will stay for a few days. The severity of the swelling depends on your sensitivity. Make sure you sleep in an elevated position and keep applying ice.
  3. Infection: When you are eating or touching your mouth with your tongue, bacteria enter. If you have a piercing, this can lead to infection.
  4. Nerve disruption: Although the chances of nerve disruption are low, it is still being eliminated. This can lead to eye misalignment and chronic back pain eventually.

How To Take Care Of Your Snake Bite Piercing?

No matter what kind of piercing you are going for, it is important to take care of it properly. Use sterile salt water on the particular area and do it at least twice every day. Make sure you are not using any kind of harsh mouthwash or toothpaste. It will cause irritation, especially if the piercing is fresh. Another point of care is drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

When it comes to the healing period, every piercing takes its own sweet time. Also, the time depends on how well you are treating the area. Give your piercing at least 8 to 12 weeks.

Snake-bite piercing can be a fun adventure. It is especially preferred by people going punk. So, if you are into such stuff, make sure you are taking care of the piercing well.

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It’s important to make informed choices and exercise precaution when it comes to snake bite piercing. Prioritize safety and hygiene, whether you’re drawn to the aesthetic or thinking about using it for personal expression.

To guarantee a comfortable healing process and years of enjoyment, always seek the advice of a professional piercer, adhere to their instructions, and meticulously maintain the piercing’s cleanliness.

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