10 Effective Strategies For Enhancing Male Sexual Performance

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10 Effective Strategies For Enhancing Male Sexual Performance

If you fall under the category of quick ejaculation that means you are not giving your partner optimum sexual satisfaction and nothing is more upsetting than this! Improving sexual performance will help tighten mutual bonds and create good memories. Being keen to get the antidote to make your sexual performance best for your partner should be your top priority. If a woman is not getting the satisfaction her body is urged for, it might lead her to seek elsewhere which is absolutely a bad idea, so dust up, stay tuned and read through to get the top 10 most effective ways to improve your sexual performance as a man.

Causes Of Poor Sexual Performance In Men

Let’s take a quick look into what might cause poor sexual performance before we delve into the solutions. 

  • Erectile dysfunction: This is a situation where a man can not keep his erection firm enough for easy penetration during sexual intercourse. 
  • Premature ejaculation: It takes about 5 to 7 minutes for a man to reach orgasm and ejaculate but in this case, it happens just too soon, even in the process of inserting the penis, ejaculation comes next in a split second.
  • Loss of libido: The feeling of not wanting to be involved in sexual activity while your partner craves it is a serious issue. When sexual desire dies, it can cause poor sexual performance leading to erectile dysfunction. 

How To Improve Sexual Performance In Men?

Men can improve sexual performance using the following ways:

Best Ways For Enhancing Male Sexual Performance
  1. Engage in Foreplay: This can include kissing, touching sensitive sexual areas, and oral sex. Many men believe in getting into deep penetration, ignoring foreplay which sparks up or increases libido. Penetration is not the main defining part of sex, once you get this off your head and embrace foreplay, then you can be sure to improve your sex life. During the process of foreplay, then penetration comes next in the midst of it, with this, you and your partner can derive maximum satisfaction during sex.
  2. Manage Anxiety and Stress: Being anxious or worried about your sexual performance can demoralize you. The best techniques to quench that thought are:
  • Get enough sleep
  • Keep fit by exercising
  • Focus more on sexual pleasures than sexual performance
  • Medicating
  • Engage in your favorite hobby 
  1. Stop Smoking: Smoking is a major cause of heart-related issues, high blood pressure, and other severe health issues including erectile dysfunction. During a 2015 analysis of 13 studies on smoking and sexual performance, it was discovered that quitting smoking often improves sexual functions and reduces erectile dysfunction. 
  2. Be physically active by exercising: What leads to erection in men is usually blood flowing to the penis but with conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes this will make penis erection impossible. Exercising can help bridge the gap and fix your overall mental health enabling you to perform excellently during sexual activities.
  3. Address relationship issues: Addressing issues in relationships can help to improve sexual performance. Instead of leaving matters unresolved, try to settle things amicably, regain your confidence and trust, and foster good relationships thereby increasing libido and sexual performance.
  4. Practice mindfulness by meditating: Mindfulness and meditation can help curb stress and also issues not pertaining to sexual activities. If you have a negative mindset towards sex, try getting mindfulness-based therapies to help you become more present during sexual activities.
  5. Use herbal remedies: There are several herbal remedies that can help improve sexual performance. Mostly herbal remedies can treat erectile dysfunction and help you get peak satisfaction during sex.
  6. Manage Chronic Health Problems: Taking good care of our body is important for overall well-being. If you have health issues that can hinder good sexual performance such as diabetes, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and many more, try eating a balanced diet, being physically active, and taking necessary medications. 
  7. Consult a doctor: Seeking professional help is a wise decision. When it concerns sexual issues there is nothing to be ashamed of while in search of solutions. Doctors can give you good drugs that can help improve sexual performance.
  8. Rekindle the fire: Getting aroused sexually can be difficult if a person has been with one partner for a long time. Trying out something new can help rekindle the fire and spark up sexual excitement and passion. Talk more about sexual fantasies and try out the tips below:
  • Cooking together
  • Watching sexually arousing movies together
  • Trying a new sport
  • Kayaking or hiking
  • Going to a museum
  • Trying out old-time love tricks like going for a date.

The excitement of these activities can lead to sexual arousal thereby rekindling the extinguished fire of romance, love, and connectedness.


Endeavor to use all the ways to improve sexual performance and be guaranteed to get applaudable results.

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