Why Is There Swelling In The Gums Around A Specific Tooth?

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Why Is There Swelling In The Gums Around A Specific Tooth

Tooth pain is one of the worst ones in this world – the one who constantly experiences the pain inside will know how painful and annoying it is. But did you know the main culprit behind tooth troubles is gums? The gums surrounding the tooth are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that may feel discomfort. Talk about the tones of the pain happening around the teeth and it is only related to the swollen gums or the worst case scenarios, it might be the irritated upper or lower jaw. 

But the point is what causes these pains? How can we make sure to maintain the gums and let the things be? Let us explore some of the common ways by which you may welcome swollen gums (and you’ll know what not to do!).

Causes Of Gum Swelling Around One Tooth

Inexplicable discomfort or swelling in the gums around a particular tooth can be a cause for concern, often prompting questions about the underlying reasons. Here, we will look into the potential causes of why gums may become swollen around a specific tooth and the implications this could have on oral health.

Causes Of Gum Swelling Around One Tooth
  • People who have poor oral hygiene may experience swollen gums – it is when you will get infections and might neglect your dental routine. So a bacterial film is stuck around the teeth called plaque. This strongly builds up the gum line causing inflammation between the teeth and leading to poor oral hygiene causing swollen gums. It later on may result in a great itchy or inflated type of feeling, which is inflammation with a tender-to-touch sensation around the tooth and might be a problem in eating.
  • Later, you also might experience gingivitis which is a type of gum disease and is usually detected at an early stage. What you don’t know is that it will get read and then start bleeding which is one of the warning signs of the latest age of gum disease. It may get multiplied as it is a bacterial infection and would lead to sensitive and Inflamed skin, which may go into severe forms. It may also cause disruptions at the truth level and you will be at a risk.
  • You might also experience a problem called an abscessed tooth which is again caused due to bacteria and can make your dental things very uncomfortable. This is one of the bacterial infections that might reach the pulp and cause pus. That is not good to handle and people might have a lot of stress from eating. Again, it will give you the same output as swelling, pain, and other potential infections that are not normal but need instant treatment and might also impact the wisdom tooth which would make the cleansing of the whole mouth really difficult. It is bacterial growth only with severe pain that might result from untreated cavities, chips, or other cracks in the dental area. This is also commonly going to impact the wisdom tooth along with the molars if not rated well and suspected bacterial growth is observed.
  • People who have experienced any type of injury or trauma with certain types of accidents can also experience swelling around the tooth and gums which is usually not an issue but might lead to problems if not cleansed well. 
  • There are other orthodontic appliances like retainers and braces that may cause some type of swelling that can damage the soft tissues in the mouth and lead to other infections if not fitted or given well. It is always recommended to reach out to a medical professional for the adjustments so that you are able to make things smooth.
  • There might also be some hormonal changes that may lead to some fluctuations and are usually related to pregnancy, menopause, and other menstruation cycles that might affect gum health. Your sensitivity towards the same will cause bacterial infections and swelling around the tooth.

Tooth infections and swelling can also be caused by many underlying medical conditions and teeth grinding along with some of the allergic reactions that might interfere with your dental structure. You have to make sure to visit your dentist every now and then and make sure to get the best treatment out there. Just make sure to follow a proper regime and make the things all right inside there- you will get the proper dentist appointment and will be all sorted with the pain and all. 

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