Top 8 Juices To Aid Weight Loss: Start Your Fitness Journey Now!

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Top 8 Juices To Aid Weight Loss

Weight management is a journey that never ends. One day it is about reducing weight and the other day is all about making sure that your weight doesn’t increase suddenly. People on a weight loss journey can understand the pain. They opt for various diets, keep making sure that what they are eating has few calories, and whatnot! Although there are plenty of food items that support weight loss, one of those things that we love are juices! No, we are not talking about those packaged beverages loaded with sugar and empty calories. We will be discussing fresh juices here. There are some amazing juice options that you can include in your diet for healthy weight loss.

Best Juices For Weight Loss

Best 8 Juices To Aid Weight Loss
  1. Beetroot juice

Beetroots are delicious! But have you tried drinking its juice? All the more tastiness is infused there. Beet juice is loved by athletes as this drink helps them improve endurance and performance. It helps with muscle efficiency as well and reduces blood pressure. This makes the drink a good choice for those who are trying to lose weight. Rich in fibre and low in calories – a glass of beet juice is a good choice for you.

  1. Celery juice

Celery has recently started gaining more popularity. It has become a popular choice for those who are trying to lose weight. The ingredient has 95% water in it and is low in calories. This is the real goodness when it comes to juices.

  1. Green vegetable juice

Green vegetable juice doesn’t really sound appealing but it is one of the healthiest choices. You can add cabbage, kale, spinach, or bitter gourd to it. All these ingredients have a low sugar content and are rich in fibre. Of course, we already know that green vegetables are one of the best options to reduce weight and indulge in a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Lemon and ginger juice

A green juice that gives you every solution – lemon and ginger. This antioxidant-rich juice is delicious and healthy. It is a great option for those who are on a weight-loss diet. According to some studies, ginger is a product that promotes weight loss and improves metabolism.

  1. Watermelon juice

Sounds delicious and is absolutely smashing. Watermelon is already 90% water so there are no worries about calories. Convert this fruit into a glass of fresh juice and feel its refreshing taste. This highly nutritious juice is loaded with vitamin A, C, and potassium. It also gives you a feeling of being full for a long time.

  1. Carrot juice

Carrot in any form is healthy and tasty. When we talk about carrot juice, we can assure you about its nutritional benefits. The juice is full of vitamin A and carotenoids. This is beneficial for weight loss. Instead of juicing out the fruit, you can also blend it so that the fibre content is not lost. This will be a better alternative.

  1. Kale apple juice

Kale and apple – already sounding so healthy! This juice has a high fibre content and doesn’t have any unhealthy components. You can easily prepare the kale and apple juice at home. If you want to enhance the flavour, simply add ginger, lemon juice, or celery to it. This will also increase the health benefits.

  1. Pineapple juice

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C. That’s why when you consume the juice made from this fruit, you get the goodness of health. Pineapple juice is good for boosting immunity and protection from the common cold. Along with that, it also helps in weight reduction. The enzymes present in a pineapple help remove excess fat and keep your appetite on the down low.

Consume any of these juices once or twice a day, depending on your hunger pangs.


Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are a great addition to your diet. They help cut stubborn fat and reduce those extra pounds. Make sure you are consuming fresh juice and not packaged ones as they are not helpful. Also, refrain from adding sugar or other sweeteners as they cut down the nutritional content of the juice. If you want, you can seek the help of a dietician to make better choices for weight loss.

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