Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): What To Know About Its Causes?

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Brain injuries are hard and one has to understand how these traumas work on the central system of the body. TBI or traumatic brain injury is the worst kind of situation where you will not be able to control your movement and thoughts along with the emotional process. Your brain being the Centre of the body can have an impact that is hard to cope with and you might face a sudden traumatic brain injury which somehow makes you work otherwise.

TBI or traumatic brain injury is the most common type of brain injury that has a lot of causes and one has to make sure to be aware of the situation to cater to its prevention and care. You cannot expect a person to be all okay after the traumatic attack. One has to make sure that everything is known and prevented accordingly- before this, we will explore what the disease is about.

Traumatic Brain Injury – What Is The Risk Factor?

The traumatic brain injury or the TBI is a disruption in the mental health which will affect your physical as well as physiological functioning. It will cause interference in the brain that can be due to any blow or penetrating-like substance that might have affected your head.

Traumatic Brain Injury Risk Factors

What Are The Causes?

The brain injury is not a cakewalk but takes a lot to happen! Let us explore some of the causes of the same-

  • People who are at risk of frequent falls can lead to the situation of TBI which is commonly observed in the elderly and children. It is due to the slippery floors or even the uneven surfaces where there are no safety measures taken and hence people can hit their head very badly.
  • The second, and leading cause of TBI is motor vehicle accidents, where people are compromised in car, crashes, motorcycle crashes, and even footpath crashes that can lead to traumatic brain injuries. This collation can also affect your other sensory organs and hence one can only be saved with precautions.
  • If your head is hit by any hard object, the injury can be caused. It is related to the sports and other recreational activities that might happen at the workplace and cause a person to be traumatized.
  • The same is true for assaults where the person might get involved in violent acts that are voluntary and the physical alterations can affect your brain health. Some of the involuntary acts involve the blast or explosion where the shock waves can cause brain damage.


  • There is a concussion which is one of the most mild forms of TBI and can result from a sudden violent movement on the head.
  • The other one is contusion which is the bruise on the brain that is caused by direct impact on the head and can result in bleeding as well as swelling that might require surgical attention.
  • The third one is coup contrecoup injury which is majorly when the sky is being hit from a side and the opposite is also affected which can cause damage to both areas and lead to complex symptoms.
  • The fourth one is penetrating injury when the object can pierce the skull and can require immediate medical attention and surgical methods to cure the same.
  • The fifth one is DAI or diffuse axonal injury which damages the brain‘s nerve fibers and is majorly caused by accidents.

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All these injuries have different severity levels – one might be temporary and another can be long-term or complicated that might even lead to death. You have to understand that the degree of penetration or the blow will only determine the intensity of this injury.

Some people might confuse this type of traumatic brain injury related to age but it is not true! It can be a case of sudden accident or even a surgery that can affect any age group and hence can impact the health overall. You have to make sure to protect your head at any cost!

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