Uric Acid: How To Reduce Naturally?

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Uric Acid

A healthy body and mind undergo a nutritional diet, drink enough water, and filter waste products naturally. However, around 20% of people suffer from high levels of uric acid in the body and further suffer many health issues. It is mainly caused due to certain health conditions, intake of an unhealthy diet, and sometimes genetics. However, avoiding some foods and beverages can eventually help a person control uric acid levels in the body and live a happier life. 

Moreover, uric acid is a natural waste product that is caused by the digestion of foods that are enriched in purines. Moreover, taking more purines does not pass through urine, and further mixes into the blood, leveling up uric in the body. 

Healthy Recommendations To Reduce Uric Acid Within The Body

In the human body, the natural level of uric acid, called 6.8 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), should be maintained and followed. If the level rises, then it is a dangerous symbol for such a person because the concentration of uric acid has increased. So, such a person needs to be treated properly with the proper precautions under the observation of a professional. However, there are some natural ways to reduce uric acid concentration in the body and live a healthier life,

Healthy Recommendations To Reduce Uric Acid

1. Get On To Maintain Weight Reduction

If you are suffering from an increase in uric acid levels in the body, then maintaining weight can help you get rid of this situation more effectively. Besides, the increase in weight can contribute to elevated uric acid levels in the body. Also, it decreases the uric through urine, which further mixes in blood. Besides, there are many healthcare providers and healthy diets that can help in weight management

2. Avoid Sugar And Try To Manage Blood Pressure

The first thing you should do to reduce uric acid levels is avoid using sugar and try to manage your blood pressure level. The intake of more sugar leads to an increase in purines and causes discomfort to the body along with increasing uric levels. Some foods like table sugar and syrup show a faster effect on blood sugar levels. So, taking natural sugar such as fruits and honey can be an effective solution to decrease uric acid levels.

3. Try To Get Healthy Lifestyles By Limiting Alcohol And Sugary Drinks

In today’s world, lifestyle is the major factor that affects the overall health of any individual. So, if you are following unhealthy lifestyles like drinking alcohol, smoking, or drinking more sugary drinks, then try to avoid them. Moreover, studies also suggest that drinking alcohol can make you dehydrated and further trigger uric acid levels. 

4. Increase Intake Of Natural Supplements

If you are taking natural supplements like vitamins and minerals or multivitamin capsules frequently, it gradually helps to reduce uric acid levels. The nutrition facts present in them help to boost overall good health and reduce inflammation in the body. Besides, you can take antioxidants-rich foods and lower purine-based foods to live a healthier, happier, and wealthier life. 

5. Drink Hot Coffee And Herbal Beverages

Another recommendation that you can follow is drinking hot coffee and herbal beverages like green tea, mint, cardamom tea, and cloves, which will eventually decrease uric acid levels. It helps to completely break down enzymes and purines from the body and further lower the uric acid production level. 

6. You Can Increase Your Intake Of Fibre, Vitamin C, And Lots Of Cherries

The intake of fiber, vitamin C, and lots of cherries is another effective solution to decrease uric acid levels. Besides, foods such as oranges, cherries, grapes, and green leafy vegetables are enriched with natural nutrients and help boost overall health. Further, it is rich in abundant antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help to promote better mental and physical health.


The increase of uric acid causes mental stress and physical discomfort. Also, Uric acid is a harmful and toxic substance that affects overall physical and mental well-being. Besides, it leads to many health-related problems due to urine and blood being too acidic. Further, it develops gout and needs surgery after a few periods if not treated properly. It causes discomfort and pain in the foot and knees and provides bad health overall. 

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