What Is Commonly Misdiagnosed As Pink Eye? 6 Other Mistaken Issues

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What Is Commonly Misdiagnosed As Pink Eye

Pink eye is commonly an inflammation of the conjunctiva that makes the white part of the eyeball or sclera turn pink or reddish. It is commonly called conjunctivitis and is caused by bacteria or fungal infections. Also, it can result in allergies, dry eye injury, or irritations. 

However, certain conditions are misdiagnosed as pink eye because they share the same symptoms. But doctors effectively know your eye problem and treat it the best. Moreover, you are at the right article if you are unaware of the types commonly misdiagnosed as pink or seeing certain symptoms. Here are common conditions that are wrongly assumed to be pink eye and need medical help. 

6 Common Misdiagnosis As Pink Eyes

Conditions commonly misdiagnosed as pink eyes have symptoms like watering from the infected area, redness in the white part of affected eyes, and itchiness. Let’s see what they are-

Pink Eye

1] Keratitis

Keratis is the common misdiagnosis of pink eyes, which causes open soreness in the cornea or the clean layered covering of the eyes. It shows signs and symptoms similar to pink eyes, like redness, pus, blurry discharge, swollen eyelids, white spots in the cornea, light sensitivity, eye pain, and more. If it lasts for more than a week, then it is necessary to contact an optometrist for further treatment. 

2] Chalazion

A chalazion is similar to style and shares common symptoms, such as pink eye. You can find soreness, swelling, watery eyes, eye irritation, blurry vision, tenderness, and more. It can be treated with eye drops, medication, and rest. 

3] Glaucoma

Glaucoma seems common, but major eye problems result in red and blurry eyes due to the growth of bacteria or eye conditions. In this case, a person may feel nausea, eye problems, pain, headache, and sometimes vomiting. Also, it is mistakenly considered as pink eyes because it has some common symptoms and signs similar to pink eyes.  

4] Iritis

Iritis is also commonly considered in categories of pink, which have symptoms exactly similar to conjunctivitis. You can see certain syndromes like severe eye pain, redness, headache, abnormal shape of the pupil, blurry vision, and more. Also, knowing these symptoms is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist instead of treating yourself. 

5] Allergies

Pink eyes cause irritation and redness but can lead to reactions to certain allergies or irritants that are harmful to the eyes. It mainly happens due to animal dander, trigger, pollen, dust, etc. Also, it has symptoms like itching, grittiness, burning in the eyes, redness, swollen eyelids, nasal problems and more. 

6] Stye

A stye, also called hordeolum, is caused in the margin of the eyes and makes the eye swollen. It looks like acne or pore. This problem is caused by bacteria, where oil glands become clogged, responsible for hair follicles. It leads to severe pain and infections and takes a week to cure with proper medication for drops. 

How Can You Get Rid Of Pink Eye Conditions?

Pink eyes usually cause infection, itchiness, redness, and discomfort and sometimes provide painful reactions. So, it is important to have preventive measures to get rid of pink eye conditions and recover quickly. Some are- 

  • If you are suffering from pink eyes, washing your hands properly after and before taking the medications or drops and sanitizing them is important. 
  • Avoid contact lenses
  • Applying a cold compress can lead to pink eyes quickly.
  • Avoid touching unnecessary to the infected part.
  • Frequently wash with fresh water.
  • Clean eyelids with wet clothes. Have eye checks if problems persist and more.

Know The Signs To Look Out To Expert For Ay Eye Disorder

According to expert apologists, knowing the signs of any eye disorder is important to prevent it early and safely from being misdiagnosed as pink eye. Let’s see some of them-

  • If suffering from blurred visions.
  • Dentrical or branching of the corneal lesion.
  • Zoster skin rash.
  • Sudden redness in the eyes followed by fever, vomiting, or severe pain. Formation of open sore in the cornea and more.

Bottom Line

Pink eye or red eye is a common infectious disease in the eye caused by bacteria, fundis, or some chemical changes in the body. However, the above are commonly misdiagnosed as pink eye and are cured by expert medical advice. Also, there are other types like dry eye syndrome, blepharitis, and more.

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