How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally? 7 Effective Home Remedies

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How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally 7 Effective Home Remedies

Do you wish to have perfect white teeth just like the celebrities on the red carpet? Well, it is not impossible to achieve, but surely requires oral hygiene for maintenance. Paying frequent visits to the dentist is not affordable for some individuals, especially when you just want to whiten your teeth.

So, we have brought you the solution to the comfort of your home. In this blog, we are going to explore 7 natural remedies that can help whiten your teeth effectively. These remedies will not hurt your enamel and give your teeth the picture-perfect radiance.

7 Home Remedies To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Yellow teeth often create embarrassment for you, especially while taking pictures. Pictures will be etched in the memories of people forever. But don’t worry we have the ingredients that you will find in your home to naturally whiten your teeth.

7 Home Remedies To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally
  • Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is the easiest and most inexpensive ingredient to whiten your teeth naturally. It has antioxidants that can treat yellow teeth and remove coffee stains effectively. Take one charcoal tablet and crush it to powder form. Now, mix the powdered form with a few drops of water and then dip your toothbrush into it. Brush your teeth normally and rinse them with water. 

  • Oil Pulling Method

Have you heard of putting Vaseline on top of makeup to remove the makeup completely? Well, the coconut oil-pulling method to whiten your teeth has the same concept. Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for 10 minutes. 

Spit it out and then start brushing your teeth, followed by flossing. This will not only help clean the mouth thoroughly but also whiten your teeth. Remember to do this once a day to enjoy the benefits.

  • Baking Soda With Toothpaste

Baking soda has whitening agents and fluoride in it and can corrode your enamel if used regularly. It is safe to use baking soda with your toothpaste twice a week to whiten your teeth naturally. 

A pinch of baking soda to the toothpaste will do the trick and remove the stains from your teeth. People with tooth sensitivity are advised to not use this remedy as it can cause damage.

  • Milk Powder With Toothpaste

This remedy also follows the same concept as baking soda with toothpaste. Milk products are good for your teeth as they remineralize the enamel and make them strong. Mixing one teaspoon of milk powder with your regular toothpaste once a week can give you effective results. You can also incorporate a milk-based diet into your routine for pearly white teeth.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent for your teeth and cannot be used more than once a week. Since it is a chemical solution, it can damage your enamel and cause tooth sensitivity, so you should refrain from using it frequently. Take an earbud and dip one end in the solution.

Then gently brush this cotton swab on your teeth and rinse it. Make sure to get the residue of the solution out of your mouth.

  • Lemon And Orange Peels

Lemon and orange peels are also great teeth whiteners that can help you with snow-white teeth in no time. They are rich in antioxidants and have antimicrobial properties which will eliminate germs and stains thoroughly. Take the peel of an orange or lemon and scrub it on your teeth evenly.

After scrubbing leave it on for 2 minutes and then rinse it with water. Doing this step once a week will give you the perfect white teeth that you have dreamed of.

  • Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Eating crunchy and fresh fruits and vegetables can also help you whiten your teeth naturally. This is the easiest remedy that does not require any preparation. You can go for strawberries, pineapples, apples, carrots, kiwis, and cucumbers for this. The more you chew, the more you remove the stains from your teeth.


Maintaining white teeth can be a simple and easy task. You should avoid smoking, coffee, and alcohol to prevent your teeth from staining. You can also limit your sugar intake and increase calcium-rich food in your diet for pearly-white teeth. Remember to floss, and stay safe!

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