Maca Root: Health Benefits, History, Uses, Side Effects And More

Maca Root Health Benefits, History, Uses, Side Effects And More

Maca Root is one of the most common and used medicinal plants and it is a staple in almost all major dietary supplements now, owing to the wide medicinal value that it possesses. The real story of Maca Root dates back centuries and it has been used by different communities too.

Another popular name for Maca Root is Peruvian Ginseng, owing to its connection and the popularity it had in Peru for thousands of years. There is evidence to prove that the people of the Inca civilization who lived in the Andes Mountains of Peru cultivated and used the plant for its medicinal properties and it was even said to be a secret behind the stamina and energy of the Inca soldiers on the battlefield and on long marches. 

Know Everything About Maca Root

It was the Spanish colonizers who introduced the plant and made it popular in the outside world. They were interested in the properties of the plant to improve mental clarity, boost energy, and improve fertility. They saw the plant as an answer to different health issues and introduced it in Europe.

Know Everything About Maca Root

Ever since the plant has been used for the treatment of different issues especially those that are associated with sexual health and well-being. Today, Maca Root is one of the most used ingredients in almost all major dietary supplements as a stamina-enhancing and energy-boosting agent. The story of Maca Root is really interesting and this article will take you right through everything that you should know about this amazing plant. So, jump right in!

Maca Root Cultivation   

 As mentioned, the primary area of cultivation of Maca Root was the Andes region and it is considered to be one of the highest-elevation crops in the world. Looking for the ideal conditions for the plant to grow, it thrives in areas of high altitude.

The plant can grow as high as 14,108 feet and the Puna, which is the cold and high-elevation grasslands of Central Andes of South America, is one of the best places where the plant thrives. The average temperature of this place ranges from 40 to 50° F. During the growing season of the planet, frosts are a common phenomenon. Due to these climatic conditions, the growth of Maca outside the region of the Andes is quite limited. 

Maca is a plant that is able to tolerate poor soil and according to different studies conducted on its growth, the plant seems to thrive on soil that has a near-neutral pH. Along with providing the right pH, the plant also needs proper exposure to sunlight and only then will it be able to produce good root size in a shorter time.

Also, while planting Maca, keep in mind the fact that it is a plant that is not suited for companion planting. The best time to harvest the crop is when the top of the plant dies out. If you are planning to replant, look for the best and largest root for the purpose. 

Nutritional Profile Of Maca Root

One of the major reasons for the popularity of Maca Root is the wide nutritional benefit of the supplement. It is one of the excellent sources of different nutrients and vitamins that are vital for the body. According to different studies and reports available, Maca Root contains almost all major vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, copper, and iron.

It is also one of the best sources of amino acids as it contains almost 20 of them and 8 amino acids among this list are considered essential for the body. It is also known for the different phytonutrients that are present in it. Maca root is comparatively low in calories and is said to be a popular diet choice for vegans too. It is also one of the best ways to incorporate fiber into your diet.                  

Health Benefits Of Maca Root 

The health benefits of Maca Root have made it one of the most popular ingredients in different dietary supplements. One of the most important benefits of using Maca Root is the increase and improvement of the energy levels and stamina of the body. Maca Root was used by Inca soldiers to assist them on battlefields and long marches where they needed a high level of energy. Along with this, Maca Root is also said to be effective in balancing the levels of hormones in the body and also providing the needed support for your immunity system.

Another major benefit of Maca Root on the body is when it comes to cognitive functions. There is different evidence available on some of the most reputed and eligible websites regarding the effect of Maca root and it says that it assists in motor coordination, improves audacity, and even slows down the age-related decline in the effectiveness of cognitive function.     

Culinary Uses Of Maca Root

As Peru is one of the major places it is cultivated, Maca Root is used in different dishes of the country and it is said to give an earthy flavor to the dish. There are different ways through which Maca Root can be incorporated into a dish and a popular way to do so is by grounding it into a powder. These can be used in different meals and even in smoothies.

With the development of different technologies, the use of Maca root has increased to a whole new level. One of the major ways that people use Maca root now is in the form of powder. This powder can be used in different foods like hot drinks, yogurt, and even in protein baking recipes too.

As mentioned earlier, the major reason why Maca Root is used in cooking is due to the different nutritional benefits that it has. It is one of the best sources of different amino acids, minerals, and compounds that are needed for the body.               

Maca Root Supplements

As Maca root has different benefits for the body, different styles of Maca Root supplements are available in the market today. Also, it is used as a major ingredient in different dietary supplements. One of the major forms of Maca root supplements available in the market is its powder form.

Different brands of Maca Root powder are available for sale and it is also one of the most commonly used forms. The powder form of Maca Root is also much easier to incorporate into other food items too. Along with this, capsule forms of Maca Root supplements are available and their form is much easier for consumption compared to other ones. Even though it is not just common, the liquid extract form of Maca Root is also available for purchase now.

According to one of the leading medical websites, the recommended dosage of Maca root supplement is around 1.5 – 3.5 grams by mouth daily or 6 – 16 grams per week. One thing that you should be aware of before using the Maca Root supplement is that the compounds from it have the ability to act like estrogen. So, if you are someone who has any kind of condition that is worsened by estrogen, try to use the supplement with caution.  

Maca Root In Traditional Medicine

According to the information available from different sources, the use of Maca Root has helped the people of the Inca civilization and the settlers of the Andes in different ways to improve their overall health. Studies show that people in the area used Maca Root to treat different problems like respiratory conditions and rheumatic diseases too.

The use of Maca Root among the soldiers of the place was also common in order to meet their energy needs on battlefronts. Modern technology has also helped in finding out the different other benefits of Maca Root and using it to benefit our health conditions.

Currently, Maca Root is one of the major ingredients in different supplements that work to improve male health and strength. It is also even used in the supplement that helps to assist in menopause and even cases of irregular blood pressure. 

Potential Side Effects And Precautions 

As Maca Root is a natural ingredient used in supplements, the intensity of the side effects caused by it is much less compared to different other chemical ingredients. But still, there are reports that suggest that using Maca Root can be a problem if you are someone who has any kind of issues that can be triggered or worsened by the higher levels of estrogen. This is due to the fact the compounds present in Maca root have the ability to act like estrogen. Other than this, there are no other major issues associated with it. 


There is no doubt in saying that Maca Root is one of the most commonly used ingredients in almost all the major dietary supplements available in the market today. The importance and use of the Maca Root have stayed constant throughout the years, with only an increase and more demand for it rather than going out of use.

The different medicinal and national benefit has also helped it find and make its own place in different areas like the culinary world and even in healthcare. With the ever-changing and growing demand for Maca Root, recent studies also shine a light on the possibility of it coming out as one of the most effective adaptogens and is also seen as a promising nutraceutical that can be used to prevent different issues associated with the male body.

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