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Former Danish Food Minister Concerns Over Farmers Aid

07 August 2012

DENMARK - Former food minister Henrik Hoegh is concerned about the impact the construction of buffer zones of 10 meters may have on farmers' EU subsidies.

Danish farmers can receive so-called land premiums from the EU. Land premiums are determined by area size, and with the new buffer zone regulations the farmer's land may be reduced.

"There is a risk of losing the land premium, as far as I can see, but I can not get a clear answer from the ministry. At the time I called buffer zones for 'fallow land', but the minister calls it now 'uncultivated natural areas' to ensure public access, and therefore the risk of losing the premium has increased significantly," said Henrik Hoegh.

The Natural Enterprise Agency said the former minister should not be concerned.

"The opportunity to get single support is unchanged for the areas zoned for buffer zones. Like other uncultivated land, the land in the border zone may be maintained as an agricultural area in order to be eligible for both the single support and marginal zone compensation." explains Head of the Center for Land Grants in Natural Business Administration, Steen Bonde.

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