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Taking the Sting out of Practising Good Biosecurity

13 November 2012

AUSTRALIA - Australia’s 12,000 registered beekeepers have recently received a manual to help protect Australia’s valuable agriculture and horticulture industries from pests that have decimated industries overseas.

The Biosecurity Manual for the Honey Bee Industry is an initiative of the Australian Government and industry partners to protect the honey bee industry and the crop industries that rely on pollination services.

Every beekeeper, from commercial enterprises to hobbyists, has a role to play in protecting honey bees from established and exotic pests and diseases.

Awareness and good biosecurity practices are vital to protect the honey bee as well as crops with around 65 per cent of Australia’s horticultural and agricultural crops requiring pollination to produce fruit, vegetables, crops and seeds.

The Department Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, in conjunction with Plant Health Australia (PHA), worked with industries, governments and other parties to develop the manual.

The manual was funded by the Pollination Program, through Horticulture Australia, the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council. The Federal Council of Australian Apiarists’ Association and the Wheen Bee Foundation funded printing and postage.

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