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Sugar Industry 'Needs to Move into Energy Production'

20 November 2012

AUSTRALIA - A scholarship-winning sugar farmer says the Australian industry needs to shift its focus to fibre and energy production, rather than just sugar production, if it's to keep up with the world's largest sugar producer, Brazil.

Bryan Granshaw, a third generation grower from Dalbeg in North Queensland, is the first cane farmer to join the ranks of Nuffield Scholars, reports ABC Rural.

The scholarship, which has been running for 62 years, gives Aussies the opportunity to study farming practices around the globe and to bring this knowledge back home.

Mr Granshaw travelled to Brazil as part of his scholarship to study that nation's massive cane industry, and says Australia has a lot to learn from it.

"I think our opportunity is in fibre and energy," he said.

"They're the places we can actually provide renewable and sustainable energy sources.

"In this region alone, the sugar cane industry produces enough renewable electricity to power 50,000 homes and I don't think enough of the general public know that."

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