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Biggest Australian Rice Crop in a Decade

Biggest Australian Rice Crop in a Decade

17 June 2013

AUSTRALIA - The country's biggest rice growing region has harvested its largest crop since 2002.

This year, farmers in southern New South Wales (NSW) had access to full water allocations and they produced an extra tonne of rice above their annual average, reports ABC Rural.

Mike Hedditch, general manager of grower services with food processor SunRice, says it's a good result.

"We've exceeded a million tonnes, it's our third good crop in a row now since the drought ended," he said.

"The size of the crop, we haven't seen since this big since about 2002, so it's good news for the industry overall."

Mr Hedditch says the recent drop in the Australian dollar will help with selling such a large crop.

"If we can achieve a significantly below parity exchange rate during the marketing year, that's going to be good for growers."

Mr Hedditch says it's too early to speculate how the size of the crop will impact on next year's paddy price for farmers.

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