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Farmers Call For Assessment of Europe's Crop Losses

14 June 2013

EU – Spanish farmers are calling for a proper assessment of crop damage following the widespread rainfall across central and Eastern Europe.

Up to a third of cereals have been destroyed in vast swathes of Europe’s premier cereal growing farmland. The impact of these spring weather events needs to be fully understood, demanded the ASAJ Young Farmers Association.

In the light of such widespread crop loss, ASAJA YFA are concerned that crop prices will become volatile. This poses a threat to the Spanish economy.  

Typical crop cereal production total around 28-30 million tons. However, the Spanish dependence on exchange rates and grain markets is considerable because this only represents around 66 per cent of overall consumption. 

More bad news stems from the Andalusian area which has recorded crop losses of 15 per cent. This is causing new supply fears on top of concern around already low reserves across Europe.

This has stemmed from key grain producing regions receiving prolonged periods of heavy rain resulting in flooded rivers and major problems with disease burden and weeds.

Hungary, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic have widespread crop damage with parts of Italy and France also affected. Estimated losses to cereals in Bavaria, which produces a fifth of Germany’s wheat, have reached €300 million.

Northern France has also been hit, as has the Umbria region of central Italy, where losses to the cereal crop are expected to be 30 per cent.

Although damage is not as severe in Spain, Andalusian farmers have had spray routines interrupted through wet weather.

A very wet March has seen fungal diseases take hold in many crops. Expectations outline yield for the area to reach 2 million tons at a value of €420 million.

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