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Poor Rainfall Expected to Limit the 2013/14 Paddy Production

26 February 2014

THAILAND - Planting of the 2013/14 secondary season crop began in early January and is expected to last until mid-April.

The rainfall was below average in January over much of the country, delaying planting operations. As a result, the preliminary official estimate for the secondary season paddy crop marked a reduction of some 22 percent in the plantings compared to the same season last year, reports FAO.

Production is preliminarily forecast at 8.5 million tonnes, some 20 percent below last year’s above average harvest of the same season.

2013 main season rice production forecast at a record level

Harvesting of the 2013 main season paddy crop, which accounts for over 70 percent of the aggregate production, is nearing completion.

The monsoon season rains, between May and August, were above-average in the northeastern region of the country which accounts for over 50 percent of the main season rice plantings. The rest of the country experienced generally average rains during the same period.

A succession of tropical storms resulted in localized floods from late September, particularly in northeast and central parts of the country.

However, the impact on the rice crop was minimal. The Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE) estimates the 2013 main season paddy production at 28.1 million tonnes, some 3.4 percent above the previous year’s record harvest of the corresponding season.

The increase mainly reflects generally favourable monsoon rains and the government support to the sector. The 2013 aggregate paddy production, including FAO’s forecast output of the next 2013/14 secondary season, is tentatively forecast at 36.6 million tonnes, some 4 percent below the above-average crop in 2012.

Harvesting of the 2013 maize crop was completed by mid-September. Latest official estimates point to a crop of 5 million tonnes, similar to last year’s bumper output.

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