Strong Potato Yields Expected to Bolster EU Supply

ANALYSIS – The European potato supply is growing, fueled by a 3-4 per cent increase in acres and almost perfect growing conditions, reports Sarah Mikesell, TheCropSite senior editor.

Cedric Porter, Managing Editor of World Potato Market newsletter, reports that the main potato growing areas in the EU are France, Germany, Holland, The Netherlands and the UK.

Yields are expected to be exceptionally high and could top 50 tons per hectare in many areas, which is likely to flood the market with supply.

The supply could support the growing global demand for processed products, specifically freezable fries, in the major European markets but also emerging markets, including the Middle East and Asia.

Mr Porter shares insights about the EU potato market, including price expectations.

Sarah Mikesell, Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell, Senior Editor

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