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Editors Comment: Till or No-till? That is the Question

Editors Comment: Till or No-till? That is the Question

28 October 2014

ANALYSIS - In the past week there has been a seeming U-turn on the ongoing tillage debate, with new research suggesting no-till farming is the way to go, writes Gemma Hyland.

Conservation agriculture is currently practiced on 125 million hectares of land globally, an area nearly as big as the total US cropland. - read more here.

Also this week...

It was revealed that in the two years since joining the World Trade Organization, Russia has become one of the most active members of the body dealing food safety and animal health issues – the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Committee.

Also, recent weeks have seen wetter than usual weather in the US bringing delays to soybean harvest progress. 

Whereas in South America, particularly in northern parts of Brazil, drier than normal weather conditions have prevailed, which have led to significant declines in soil moisture and stalled soybean planting progress. - read more here.


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Gemma Hyland, Editor

Gemma Hyland, Editor

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