Has Mongolia Wheat Production Recovered from 2013 Levels?

Has Mongolia Wheat Production Recovered from 2013 Levels?

MONGOLIA – Harvesting of the 2014 main season crops, mainly wheat, barley and oats, was completed with a slight delay in mid-October.

Latest official estimates put the 2014 wheat production at 465,000 tonnes, 26 per cent up from last year’s weather-depressed harvest.

The increase in production reflects higher yields, following favourable climatic conditions between April and mid-August in the main producing areas and a 6 per cent increase in sowings compared to last year’s reduced level.

Wheat imports forecast to decrease in 2014/15 marketing year (October/September)

Wheat and rice are the two major imported cereals, mainly from the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

Cereal imports in the 2014/15 marketing year (October/September) are forecast to decrease by 19 percent from last year’s above-average level, to 105,800 tonnes.

This mainly reflects anticipated lower wheat imports, which are forecast at 70,000 tonnes, 22 per cent below last year’s level, based on the recovery in production this year.

Similarly, rice imports in 2015 are anticipated to decrease from last year’s level to 30,000 tonnes.

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