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Water Stewardship Seminar Brings Value Chain Together

Water Stewardship Seminar Brings Value Chain Together

24 November 2014

ANALYSIS - A sustainable water supply is vital for agriculture, which uses 70 per cent of the total freshwater withdrawn from surface water and groundwater.

With a growing global population that could exceed nine billion people by 2050, agricultural water consumption is also expected to increase, with much of the increased demand being for irrigation in areas which are already water-scarce.

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform organized a seminar in Seville to explore this issue and look for innovative approaches across sectors. Christopher Briggs, Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands, participated in the meeting.

Two initiatives were developed during the seminar: a project with manufacturers, retailers and NGOs looking at improving water stewardship in the Huelva region and a group focusing on water management for rice crops.


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