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Updated Weed Control Guide Now Available

Updated Weed Control Guide Now Available

16 February 2015

US - The Extension services of Ohio State University, Purdue University and the University of Illinois have partnered to publish an updated weed control guide to aid crop farmers in choosing an effective weed management plan.

The free 2015 Ohio, Indiana and Illinois Weed Control Guide is a quick reference farmers can use in the field to identify and manage weeds. It offers specific tips for several individual crops such as corn, soybeans, popcorn, sweet corn, small greens, forages and grazing pastures.

The new guide includes expanded sections on Palmer amaranth and marestail as well as an updated index of herbicides. There is also a weed response table which Bill Johnson, a Purdue weed scientist, said will be especially helpful to farmers during preparation for planting season.

"The weed response tables are very convenient because they have herbicides listed down the side and weeds across the top, so farmers can find the weeds they have had problems with in the past and know the herbicides that should work best," Mr Johnson said.

Mr Johnson added that once a herbicide is chosen, crop producers can go to the herbicide section of the guide to find a concise profile summarizing its label. The guide is updated with new herbicides and their control recommendations.

The guide can be downloaded from Purdue Extension's The Education Store at

To find the guide, search for its product code, WS-16-W.

Printed copies of the guide are available through the Ohio State University Extension eStore for $14.75 each. The product code for the print copy is 789. An interactive PDF e-book with links for easy navigation is also available through the Ohio State eStore for $9.99. The product code for the ebook is e789.

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