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Usher to Modern Techniques in Agriculture, Says Indian Agri Minister

Usher to Modern Techniques in Agriculture, Says Indian Agri Minister

14 April 2015

INDIA - Indian farmers need to use modern techniques for farm practices, Indian agriculture minister, Radha Mohan Singh said at the 77th meeting of the General Council of National Cooperative Development Corporation today in New Delhi recently.

Speaking on the occasion, Singh said, to revitalize agriculture in the country and to increase farm productivity, farmers should usher to modern techniques in agriculture sector.

While increased productivity is an essential component of a vibrant agricultural sector, improved post-harvest handling and processing is essential to ensure value addition, reduction in wastage and transporting good quality products to markets, Singh emphasised.

In this context that agricultural cooperatives have a very important role to play and it is expected that NCDC to fully support them, Singh stressed.

Singh said that agriculture remains central to India’s economy and livelihood of a large number of farm families is linked to agriculture and called for participation and involvement of the cooperatives in the marketing and distribution of agricultural commodities.

India is a leading producer of several commodities – cereals, fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs and jute and in a scenario of growing grain stock and increasing production of high value commodities, improving market linkage assumes great significance, Singh adds.

Singh said that during the year, NCDC would continue to support and supplement Government efforts towards development of cooperatives in agriculture and allied sectors.

The focus would be on consolidation of the existing infrastructure and units established by the cooperatives especially for value addition and processing of farmers’ produce, strengthening of forward and backward linkages for procurement and marketing.

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

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