2014 China Cereal Harvest Forecast At Record Level

CHINA – Harvesting of the 2014 early double rice crop was completed at the end of July, while that of single and late double crops will be concluded by November.

On average, output of the single rice crop normally amounts to about 66 percent of the national rice production, with the remaining two harvests (early and late double) representing 17 percent, respectively.

Latest forecasts from the China National Grain and Oils Information Centre (CNGOIC) put this year’s aggregate rice harvest at a record level of 205 million tonnes, marginally above last year’s good level.

The anticipated increase in production is mainly attributed to a small expansion in area planted, prompted by higher Minimum Purchase Prices (MSP) and other Government support measures, including direct payments to farmers and subsidies to seed and machinery as well as other agricultural inputs.

The excessive rains in mid-May across southern parts of China, which led to localized damage to the early double rice crop, as well as dry conditions between June and July in parts of the main growing Yangtze River Valley, had overall a limited impact on rice production.

Harvesting of the 2014 maize crop was completed in late August in the south and is currently in full swing in northern areas of the country. FAO’s latest forecast points to a maize crop of 220 million tonnes, slightly above last year’s record output.

The expected increase mainly reflects a small expansion in plantings, in response to rising demand for feed grains.

The 2014 wheat production, harvested by mid-August, is estimated by CNGOIC at a record level of 125.3 million tonnes, up 3 percent from last year’s bumper level.

This is mainly the result of higher yields, following favourable weather conditions and adequate supplies of irrigation water.

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