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Food Shortage Increases

13 May 2010

NEPAL - Nepal is experiencing a food shortage of 316,465 tonnes, affecting more than 1.6 million people.

The figures from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative revealed that a drop in grain production will see hundreds of thousands face famine this year.

It said crops including rice, wheat, maize, millet and barley had decreased by 4.3 per cent to 7.76 million tonnes.

Last year, total production reached 8.11 million tonnes, leaving a smaller shortfall of 132,914 tonnes.

The ministry explained that smaller acreages, the irregular monsoon conditions and insufficient irrigation are to blame for low crop production.

"Gaps between food production and population growth is widening and has created an alarming situation for food security," it commented.

Earlier this year, India agreed to export 50,000 tonnes of wheat to Nepal from its government stocks, Reuters reported.

The move came as confidence returned to the Indian wheat sector.

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