A Unique Study On Identical Twins Confirms The Health Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

Benefits of vegan diet's

Vegan is one of the most adopted diets around the world in this decade. But why is it gaining an abundance of popularity, and can it have a different effect on the human body than following a typical vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or omnivore diet? Well, the result can be surprisingly different, and here is the rare study that was conducted on identical twins where one was taking a vegan diet and another sibling was having their regular diet.

Let’s see the insights where a study confirms how a vegan diet contributes to boosting health and provides overall well-being.

Studies And Research Methods: What Scientific Evidence Shows It’s Good For Everyone’s Health?

Recently, a study report was revealed by Stanford University to understand the effect of a vegan diet and an omnivore diet on identical twins. The experiment was conducted on a pair of identical twin participants for eight weeks. Out of all, one twin from each pair of participants was offered to have vegan foods, and another twin was on an omnivore diet.

After a deep study conducted for eight weeks, the result was remarkable. This experiment conducted by Stanford University revealed a boost in the health of siblings who were on a vegan diet compared to other siblings who followed an omnivore diet. 

Unsurprisingly, the experiment to find the impact of vegan and omnivore diets on health was already conducted earlier. However, those studies were not conducted on identical twins, so there were no definitive conclusions on the benefits to health. Since genetics, upbringing, and lifestyle choices play a crucial role in anyone’s health, this new study on identical twins provides a definitive conclusion.

A Unique Study On Identical Twins Confirms The Health Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

What Improvements Were Seen In The Health Of People On A Vegan Diet In The Study?

The study on identical twins at Stanford University shows numerous health benefits for people who are on a vegan diet. The participants who were on a vegan diet for eight weeks were noticed to reduce bad cholesterol levels, which can benefit a person in numerous ways. The heart health of people on vegan diets improved compared to those who were on omnivore diets. The study also shows that participants on vegan diets lost sufficient weight in eight weeks.

The benefits of a vegan diet have been revealed before as well. However, this study is trusted more because it was conducted on identical twins. It means all sets of twins have similar genetics, upbringing, and lifestyle choices, which is why this study is in discussion.

According to this study, people who follow a vegan diet for a longer period will look younger. According to Christopher Gardner, the study proved that a vegan diet is healthier than an omnivore diet. He also stated that a vegan diet not only provides health benefits but also addresses the fact that twins are tough to work with.

Christopher Gardner is a professor of medicine at Stanford University, and he was the lead author of the study conducted on identical twins. According to him, the prime benefits of a vegan diet are a reduction in weight and biological age.

In addition, most people around the world are facing an overweight issue, which results in various health diseases, including cardiac arrest and more. So, consuming vegan foods will prevent such diseases and encourage more people to become vegans and eat plant-based foods.

Details Of The Study On Identical Twins To Understand The Difference Between A Vegan And An Omnivore Diet

The research on identical twins was published on November 30th, 2023, in the JAMA Network Open, which shows the remarkable benefits of including a vegan diet. A total of 44 people participated in the study, out of whom 43 completed the experiment by following all measures. All twenty-two sets of participants have similar lifestyle choices, along with genetics and upbringing.

Participants on a vegan diet were given plant-based foods such as whole grains, vegetables, beans, legumes, etc., whereas those who were on an omnivore diet also took a balanced diet for eight weeks. They consumed foods like fish, chicken, eggs, and dairy products throughout the study. After the completion of the study, both groups were compared, and the result showed that a vegan diet is more beneficial for overall health than an omnivore diet.

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