Morris Township Health Department’s Rabies Notice

Health Department's Rabies Notice

The incident of a man being bitten by a raccoon on Harter Road was reported earlier in the evening. The victim is a resident of Morris Township; hence, the animal control solutions and the local police responded to the incident in a blink. As a result, the raccoon was killed, and the man was taken for treatment to the nearby medical institute.

Since there can be chances of animal infection, the dead raccoon was sent to the NJ Department of Health Laboratory, where it was found to be rabies positive. This rings the alarm for the victim to be cautious and take necessary actions or precautions so that the rabies virus will not cause any harm to his health.

Talking about rabies it is a deadly disease that is caused by biting of an animal. Dogs, cats, raccoons, skunks, bats, and foxes are some major carriers of the virus-causing rabies. If the animal is infected with the rabies virus and bites a man or animal, then there is a high chance of the victim getting infected if not treated properly. This is the reason why the Morris Township Health Department has issued a notice after the raccoon biting incident took place recently.

What Does The Rabies Notice Say? – Prevention And Care

According to the rabies notice outlined by the Morris Township Health Department, the authorities have urged the residents to be cautious of any wild animals nearby and try to avoid contact with them. Also, if their pets have been in contact with them recently, then they must be checked and vaccinated at the veterinarian. Since the biting incident that took place is still under investigation, and the raccoon was found to be rabies-positive, it is very likely that it must have been in contact with others before being killed.

For now, the health department and the residents can only take preventive measures so that the disease is not transmitted any further. Additionally, the victim who was bitten will be under close observation for specific days.

Rabies Notice

What Does The Health Department Recommend Residents To Do?

Since the wild animal tested positive and was last seen in the Morris Township area, the residents are strongly asked to avoid direct contact with any wildlife in that area. If any animal, be it a pet or street animal, appears to have unusual behavior or is suffering from sickness, then they should not come in contact with them directly. If any animal is infected with rabies, they show aggressiveness, show signs of paralysis, and have disoriented behaviors.

Apart from that, all pet owners are requested to get their furry friends vaccinated and keep them up-to-date to avoid transmission. Pet vaccination is crucial for both animals and humans as it helps to protect both of them. If your pet or any animal near the residential area displays unusual behavior, then the residents are advised to report it immediately to animal control or Morris Township officials.

However, sometimes, unexpected incidents may take place even after taking preventive measures, so in that case, the officials encourage the residents to seek immediate medical attention. Rabies is a serious and potentially fatal disease that can lead to death if the spread of the virus is not stopped in the victim’s body. The health department has also requested the residents to take special care of their kids as they are likely to go against the rules.

The government, officials, health department, and town residents must come together and engage in community outreach to spread awareness about rabies prevention. Sharing knowledge through online platforms, pamphlets, and campaigns is an effective way to reach a larger group of people and warn them about this fatal disease.

Rabies is often overlooked, and people think nothing will happen with just a bite from animals. But little do they know that this is as fatal as any other disease. With the preventive and first aid measures that are instructed by animal control and the health department, the residents can minimize the risk of rabies transmission. Primarily, it is in the hands of the residents of Morris Township to stop the spread, as all they have to do is follow the guidelines that are issued by the experts, which is for their own well-being.

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