Nutritionists And Dietitians Reveal The Foods They Avoid In Their Own Lives 

Nutritionists Reveal The Foods They Avoid

We all want the perfect figure and the only way to attain that is diet! Yes, diet plays a major role in managing our lifestyle, health, and overall well-being. But did you know? Many nutritionists and dieticians avoid some of the food items that might cause a cluster inside their stomach and also interfere with the body’s functions. There are a lot of food items that the doctors do not take, and also might recommend it to their patients. 

Since the holiday season is taking control all over the world, so is junk food. We all know the goodies and sweets we get during the Christmas season, and somehow want to eat more, and more! But did you know that processed food items like sugars and frozen goods are bad for health? These are some of the red flag items that even dieticians would not take! Thanks to the high preservatives, sugar, and salt content in them. 

What Approach Do Dieticians And Nutritionists Take To A Healthy Diet?

You would like to go crazy for the eggnog, candy, and items like charcuterie boards but is it worth it? Unhealthy treats are not for everyone and we cannot take them all the time! Although people like to go easy during the holiday season (leading to a huge consumption). A doctor who is trained and well-versed in diet and related areas recommends not taking beverages and processed foods. It is majorly due to the high levels of sugar and salt that might cause other health issues later.

Healthy Diet

There were in total 9 health experts who gave their opinion to the NBC News and each doctor was a registered dietician and nutrition professor! They all had a decent approach towards a healthy diet that recommended how we should swap the cookies and candies with vegetables and fruits. You can also indulge in a good handful of whole grains but not the deli meat that can cause other health concerns. 

There is a new diet approach that people are recommending – the whole-food approach. It is highly recommended by Jamie Davis who is also a registered dietician and professor of the nutritional sciences at Texas (the University of Texas in Austin). What he works on is- healthy food. This healthy food can be as simple as rice with broccoli (the idea is to get lunch and dinner with whole foods). These additions will help people stay healthy and fit, you can try chicken breasts but why eat alone? Add some green veggies on the side and you’re all set! 

All Beverages are a big no! 

Take a coffee, sports drink, or any other drink containing sugar, they all are bad for health (thanks to their high sugar content). It not only wastes our calorie intake but also affects the body overall causing many chronic health conditions. You can however have sparkling water or a homemade milkshake if not regular milk and water! 

Take cocktails that are available in the market- they all are high in calories and can cause many health problems and issues. Their sugar content is much higher than expected, instead, you can just add some fruits in the sparkling water along with a dash of liquor and make your own cocktail.

High sugar not only disturbs your physiological functions but also causes issues like heart disease and obesity – commonly people experience type 2 diabetes with the same. People even were at risk of cancer and tooth decay-like problems that were hard to cope with (thanks to the high sugar content). 

So is the sodium!

The sodium also leads to many health issues that are hard to cope with if not treated in a timely. You can get high blood pressure along with obesity and other heart health issues. 

Why waste your holidays on fatty snacks when you can enjoy a decent healthy meal at home? You might try some junk but know your limits- this way the festive season can be enjoyed and you’ll be healthier than before. All the dieticians recommend this which you can follow and make everything as smooth as possible. Take it from the experts, and enjoy the festivals this year!

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