Texas Supreme Court Denies Woman Seeking Court-Approved Abortion Choice 

Texas Supreme Court Denies Abortion

Texas is going through a thrilling case where the woman was obsessed with waiting for the decision from the Texas Supreme Court to approve the abortion process and has decided to leave the state to get the procedure done.

Here, the court was enforced to overturn the lower ruling that would allow pregnant women to get an emergency abortion only after medical exception by granting a petition by Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton.

It is a shocking case of a parent of two kids, named Kate and Cox Justice, where, again, the mother was 20 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, after diagnosis, the fetus was found to have trisomy 18, which is a chromosomal disorder that doesn’t allow a baby to grow, or premature birth happens or dies after birth. 

Additionally, considering the health and future fertility, both husband and wife decided to seek the court order as abortion was prohibited in the taxes. She went to court to block the Texas abortion ban, but the results actually made her cry.

There were many teams of judges who clarified the decision and gave different opinions, but the parents were happy overall after allowing permission.

What Opinions Are Given By Different Judges?

There have been many decisions relating to judgment by different judges. According to Nancy Northup, the president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, she stated that Cox was going through a critical situation and had been going to the emergency room often as she could no longer wait.

Also, she likes that she desperately wants to recover from the situation and is able to take care of where she lives with her family. 

Besides, a senior staff attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights gave a statement that ruling should enrage every Taxen rule and health should be considered first because it can give severe complications if left untreated. 

Moreover, Kimberly Mutcherson, who is a professor of law at Rutgers Law School, replied in the hearing that- the reason for leaving her state is the fear of not allowing abortion negotiations and including her fertility with health that can worsen with time. 

Texas Supreme Court Regarding Abortion

What Can Be The Consequences If Left Untreated Or Ban Abortion In Taxes?

According to the State District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, who is the lawyer, Cox stated that her conditions were going critical and that she was at high risk of multiple pregnancies, gestational diabetes, gestational diseases, infection, or inability to get pregnant again. Further, she said that it can be a life-threatening situation if left untreated for a long term. 

Moreover, her lawyer even said that as time passed, she was going through pregnancy symptoms like fluid leakage, severe cramps, or other elevated vital signs. Besides, if it violates with time, it can worsen the situation and, thereby, the overall health. 

Additionally, the doctor explained that the condition that Cox is going through is not exceptional and needs an immediate abortion. It is seen that almost 95% of fetuses with the condition don’t survive to full term, or there can be early miscarriage even before some period of birth, or in some cases, the pregnancies are stillborn.

Besides, the data suggests that around 40% don’t survive labor, and around 10% live in the first year. So, it is unavoidable to keep the pregnancy, and thereby, the decision should be implemented immediately. 

What Was The Final Decision By The Taxes Court?

The case of Cox can be overwhelming if it is untreated at an early stage, as it can cause severe health effects. But considering health and the situation, the panel court of Texas has understood and stated that women who seek medical help do not need a court order to obtain an abortion.

Besides, The panel of judges that decided on Cox’s case leaned conservative and decided that this decision was left to physicians and not the judges. 

Besides Cox, every woman who is seeking medical responsibilities but is bound by state order must be bound off and should leave totally on medical concerns.

Meanwhile, while all decisions were going through, Cox and their families, who were seeking abortion, were denied, so they left the state as they were running out of time. She was waiting for the situation to be clarified and thereby sought immediate medical emergencies. 

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