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Crop Industry News: Nepal

05 May 2015
Crop Industry News from Nepal Huge Crop Losses Expected After Nepal Earthquake
NEPAL - The recent earthquake in Nepal has very likely caused high livestock and crop losses, impacting heavily on food security. Millions of people have been effected by the disaster and many...
13 May 2014
Crop Industry News from Nepal Nepal’s Nimbus to Open 200 Agri Stores
NEPAL - Nimbus Krishi Kendra will be opening 200 agri stores in Nepal that will market agricultural products and equipment across the country as a one-stop solution for farmers....
31 December 2013
Crop Industry News from Nepal Nepal Summer Cereal Crop Production to Go Up
NEPAL - Summer cereal crop production is expected to go up by 10.81 per cent this fiscal year due to good monsoon, decline in cases of natural disasters, and use of modern technology....
04 July 2013
Crop Industry News from Nepal Govt to Pursue Commercial Rice Production in Nepal
NEPAL - The Nepal government plans to pursue commercial rice cultivation programme in three districts from the next fiscal year. ...
01 December 2011
Crop Industry News from Nepal Weather Improves Paddy Production
NEPAL - The Agriculture Ministry Thursday claimed that there has been record production of paddy, the key crop of Nepal, this year, thanks to the favourable weather condition....
07 November 2011
Crop Industry News from Nepal Disease Threatens Rice in Tila Valley
NEPAL - A fungal infection threatens to destroy 80 per cent of this year's paddy harvest in the Tila Valley of Jumla, the world's highest rice cultivation area....
30 July 2010
Crop Industry News from Nepal Maize Crop Damaged By Heavy Winds
NEPAL - Producers of maize across the Darchula district have seen their fields ravaged by heavy winds that have lashed the area this week....
17 May 2010
Crop Industry News from Nepal Farmers Turn to Sunflowers
NEPAL - Farmers in Nepal are being lured to sunflower growing because of the high return the crop offers. ...
Crop Industry News from Nepal Grain Production Down
NEPAL - Overall grain production in Nepal has declined by 4.33 per cent in the fiscal year ending mid-July. ...
13 May 2010
Crop Industry News from Nepal Food Shortage Increases
NEPAL - Nepal is experiencing a food shortage of 316,465 tonnes, affecting more than 1.6 million people....
02 October 2009
Crop Industry News from Nepal Biogas Brings ‘Green Revolution’ to Rural Nepal
NEPAL - In all, 82 households in Badrahani have bought biogas plants at heavily subsidised rates under the scheme, which is funded by the Dutch and German governments....
05 December 2008
Crop Industry News from Nepal Workshop on Natural Low-cost Wind Energy Materials
NEPAL - Locally available wood sourced in isolated rural areas in the world can be used for wind turbine blades instead of the more expensive composite materials which are normally used....
08 July 2008
Crop Industry News from Nepal Nepal to Create Biogas from Water Hyacinth
NEPAL - Youths in Kalyanpur of Bharatpur municipality 13 of Chitwan district have begun with production of biogas from water hyacinth in Bishajari Tal located in the wetlands of Chitwan....
28 December 2007
Crop Industry News from Nepal NOC forms committee on ethanol issue
NEPAL - The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has formed a committee to look into the matter of mixing ethanol with petrol and it is holding its first meeting tomorrow. ...

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