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Crop Industry News: Austria

13 May 2015
Crop Industry News from Austria Biofuel Sustainability Dependent on Location
AUSTRIA - Growing biofuels instead of other crops can have a significant impact on climate depending on the location, according to new research from the International Institute for Applied Systems...
21 October 2013
Crop Industry News from Austria Why the Plough is Here to Stay
AUSTRIA – Arable farmers have been advised that, if used correctly, the plough will not become obsolete....
05 August 2013
Crop Industry News from Austria Austrian Drought Triggers Emergency Support
AUSTRIA – Farmers battling against a heatwave will receive disaster funding to alleviate the pressure higher costs and mounting crop and livestock losses....
18 July 2013
Crop Industry News from Austria Study Addresses Trade-offs Between Food Security, Climate Change
AUSTRIA - Improving crop yields using sustainable methods could cut greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 12 per cent per calorie produced according to a new study published in the journal "Environmental...
16 April 2012
Crop Industry News from Austria More Food for Fewer People?
AUSTRIA - Food security is one of the central issues for global society. At a global scale, cropland can only be used to a limited extent. ...
21 December 2011
Crop Industry News from Austria Farmers Income Stabilises After Positive 2011
AUSTRIA - After a good year in 2011, farm income in Austria has stabilised. Reasons for the increase in incomes were strong crop harvests and higher prices in the livestock sector....
21 September 2009
Crop Industry News from Austria AGRANA's New Contracts for Ethanol Cereals
AUSTRIA - Following the conclusion of the 2009 cereals harvest, AGRANA has prepared new contractual models for contracting raw materials from the 2010 harvest in order to continue offering farmers...
11 August 2009
Crop Industry News from Austria Scientists Force Fungus to Breed to Create Biofuel
AUSTRIA - Austrian scientists are putting the ‘fun' in ‘fungus' by forcing organisms which are usually asexual to have sex instead....
23 July 2009
Crop Industry News from Austria Austrian Aid to Green Electricity Producers Endorsed
AUSTRIA - The European Commission has given the go-ahed under EC Treaty state aid rules to subsidised feed-in tariffs in Austria for producers of green electricity - electricity produced from...
10 February 2009
Crop Industry News from Austria BDT Production Units for Brazil, Cyprus and Lithuania
AUSTRIA - Austrian biodiesel equipment producer, BioDiesel Technologies (BDT) will deliver its second and third CPU 1000 biodiesel production unit to Biotins, a Brazilian biodiesel producer and...
18 December 2007
Crop Industry News from Austria Abengoa Bioenergy to focus on greenfields, not acquisitions
AUSTRIA - Ethanol producer Abengoa Bioenergy is likely to focus on greenfields in expanding its current production capacity. That is what Chief Executive Officer Javier Salgado told Ethanol Statistics...

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