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Crop Industry News: Netherlands

08 May 2008
Crop Industry News from Netherlands Ethanol and Biodiesel Steal Limelight
AMSTERDAM - Ethanol and biodiesel were the central themes in the speech delivered this morning (05/07) by the executive manager for the Company's Management System Development area, Antonio Sergio...
14 April 2008
Crop Industry News from Netherlands Netherlands & Brazil to Cooperate on Biofuels
THE NETHERLANDS - On April 11, the Netherlands and Brazil signed an agreement to share knowledge about the production and transport of biofuels during a state visit by Brazilian President Luiz...
01 April 2008
Crop Industry News from Netherlands Cellulosic Ethanol Development is Partly Underfunded
NETHERLANDS - The product development phase in cellulosic ethanol research and development is relatively underfunded compared to other phases. That is the conclusion of the cellulosic ethanol...
25 March 2008
Crop Industry News from Netherlands Substantial Improvement in Essential Cheap Solar Cell Process
NETHERLANDS - A cheap alternative to silicon solar cells can be found in dye-sensitised solar cells. This type of cell imitates the natural conversion of sunlight into energy by, for instance,...
31 December 2007
Crop Industry News from Netherlands Company harnesses sun's rays from hot tarmac with innovative solar technology
THE NETHERLANDS - If you have ever blistered your bare feet on a hot road you know how asphalt absorbs the sun's rays. Now, a Dutch company is siphoning the heat from roads and parking lots to...
18 April 2007
Crop Industry News from Netherlands The Netherlands’ first wind farm in the North Sea is performing well
THE NETHERLANDS - The performance of the Egmond aan Zee Offshore Wind Farm, which has been in operation since the beginning of this year, has been excellent to date....
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