Crop Industry News

08 March 2022

International Women’s Day: A celebration of women around the world in photos
International Women’s Day is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of women and the pursuit of gender equality….

26 October 2021

New report identifies poor soil health as national security threat
Soil health should be formally recognised by government ministers as a critical asset for maintaining food and societal security, according to a new report by the Food & Global Security Network. …

14 April 2021

Farm Market iD releases 2021 US farmer survey: COVID-19 response, crop year outlook
The voice of the farmer is easy to get lost amid all the noise, especially during this past year….

10 March 2021

Study: consumers are willing to pay for ecosystem services
A study within the Diverfarming project asked Finnish consumers how much they would pay for agroecosystem services and socio-cultural effects of diversification….

07 March 2021

Importance of New Technologies for Crop Farming
Adoption of technology has been important to production agriculture for decades. Through the adoption of technology and improved managerial practices, aggregate agricultural U.S. farm output…

08 February 2021

Combating biodiversity loss
Plans to commission a Scottish Centre of Expertise in Biodiversity have been announced as part of the new draft strategy for the environment, natural resources and agricultural research programme….

01 February 2021

Increase in Scottish cereal’s production
It has been a good year for the cereal harvest in Scotland, with the highest cereal yield and second highest production in the past 10 years….

14 January 2021

CoBank Quarterly: Probable Boost in Fiscal Spending Lifts Grain and Livestock Outlook
The coronavirus still dominates the economy and continues to impact rural industries, but with vaccines rolling out, the virus will slowly loosen its grip in 2021. …

04 January 2021

Growing potatoes without plowing
Does it make sense not to plow the field before putting potatoes on it? Does the yield not drop and what does non-plowing do with biodiversity, water management and nitrogen leaching? On Potato…

31 December 2020

Spice up the holidays for lasting memories
The lingering aroma of spices can bring back warm and welcoming memories of the winter holidays….

12 December 2020

Biden USDA Secretary choice will face little opposition in US Senate
President-Elect Joe Biden’s choice for US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, will face limited to no opposition when the Senate eventually votes on him. Vilsack won unanimous approval the…

01 December 2020

CRISPR technology required to achieve European Green Deal
It will not be easy to achieve the European Green Deal targets if the current strict EU legislation on the continuation of new breeding technologies, such as CRISPR-Cas, continues….

16 November 2020

Research promises water boost for farmers in India
University of Birmingham water experts have designed a low-energy, high-efficiency means of purifying water in India’s rural farming communities, which could allow farmers to safely use high-saline…

11 November 2020

Sustainable farming practices trying to save Mediterranean soils
A team from the Diverfarming project has shown the efficacy of sustainable management of the soil in avoiding erosion and runoff, above all in intense rainfall events….

09 November 2020

Plant scientists study the interaction of heat stress responses in corn
Environmental extremes driven by climate change create stresses in crops, and plant breeders are attempting to untangle the genetic factors that endow plants with tolerance to stress. …

05 November 2020

Brazil should set new production record in the 2020/21 grain harvest
With 268.7 million tons, grain production should be 4.2% higher than the previous season…

02 November 2020

The Benefits Of Bringing Cattle And Crops Together
Grazing cattle on neighbouring farmland can have benefits to both the cattle producer and the farmer if done properly. From Saskatchewan to Manitoba and Ontario the following producers have had…

20 October 2020

Brazil gives visibility to rural women contributing to food production
A campaign to give visibility to rural women – women of all regions, colors and ethnicities, who live and work in a context of social and economic difficulties in Latin America and the Caribbean…

25 August 2020

Global food commodity prices rebounded in June
In June, global food commodity prices rose for the first time since the beginning of the year driven by a rebound in vegetable oils, sugar and dairy quotations. However, in the cereals and meat…

12 August 2020

FAI Farms Ltd completes successful MBO
FAI Farms, a leading research, data and consultancy business working to provide practical solutions for climate and food security, announces their successful completion of a management buyout….

05 August 2020

Going with the grain to combat diabetes
Curtin researcher, Associate Professor Stuart Johnson, has discovered that a grain used mainly in animal feed in Australia contains properties which not only provide nutritional benefits to humans,…

02 August 2020

Caution urged in US after mystery seed mailings
Agriculture officials are warning American citizens to be wary of unsolicited packages of seeds mailed to them….

27 July 2020

Penn State scientist visits Ukraine to learn more about their fertile soil
Ukraine is called the “breadbasket of Europe,” a moniker earned because of the fertile, black soils that blanket its landscape….

21 July 2020

New US Study Quantifies Value of Red Meat Exports to Corn, Soybeans
Since 2015, indirect exports of corn and soybeans through beef and pork exports has been the fastest-growing category of corn and soybean use, delivering critical returns for corn and soybean…

15 July 2020

Transforming Africa’s livestock sector is key to food security
Without sustainable growth of its livestock sector, Africa is expected to import up to a fifth of meat and milk within the next 30 years, according to the Malabo Montpellier Panel….

24 June 2020

New findings share how prescribed fire, no-till impact soil microbes
In some ways, farming is like cooking. Cooking would be much easier if we could leave the kitchen after eating and not come back until we make the next meal. But someone needs to put away the…

21 June 2020

Scouting for SCN – Time to Get Digging
Iowa’s early planting season means that pests like the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) also are off to a quick start this year, which could result in a greater risk of severe damage from SCN throughout…

01 June 2020

AHDB: Large Stocks Weigh on UK Wheat Supply, Demand
Friday’s release of the latest 2019/20 UK cereal supply and demand estimates covers the first forecast for exports and closing stocks for the season. …

21 May 2020

Continued Progress on Implementation of U.S.-China Phase One Agreement
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) announced additional progress in the implementation of the agriculture-related provisions of the US-China…

29 March 2016

Industry Insights: Global Trends in Ag Equipment
ANALYSIS – While the underlying trend in agricultural equipment has been Tier 4 final solutions, a diversified customer base and a growing population’s sustainable use of natural resources, specifically…