Zachary Schools Declared Sick Children Should Stay At Home Due To Flu Rise

Zachary School Announcements To Sick Children

Flu cases continue to surge in the nation, leading to the announcement that children should be kept away from schools if they are sick.

On December 12, 2023, Zachary schools issued a notice that made its way to the headlines this morning regarding increased cases of flu in the schools.

Many Louisiana schools are currently hit with influenza A & B, which is also commonly known as H1N1 flu. Seeing the increase in the cases and quick transfer nature of the disease has raised the concerns of the school administrators.

Hence, as a result, they decided to ask the parents not to send the infected kids to the schools so that uninfected ones could be kept safe.

Lindsay Thompson, who is a nurse at Zachary Elementary School, stated that all the students who have recently visited the informatory have been diagnosed with the H1N1 flu, and they are still struggling with more incoming cases.

Since several students are affected by this flu, the number of attendees has dropped to an enormously lower digits.

The exact number of students who are victims of the flu is not yet determined, but it is huge enough to stop them from coming to school.

Keep Your Children At Home If They Are Sick – Dr Mindy Calandro

A health specialist who works with Baton Rouge Clinic, Dr Mindy Calandro, has requested the guardians and parents to keep the children at home if they are showing signs of influenza.

Since the schools are going to take final exams in a short while, parents do not want their kids to be absent from their classes and send them to school.

Dr Calandro has also stated the importance of vaccination and asked the citizens to get them from their nearest drugstores and doctors.

According to the doctors who are monitoring the flu cases, kids show symptoms like high fever, stomach pain, headache, and sore throat.

Parents are ignoring these signs, giving them medicines as per the symptoms, and sending them to schools, which has now transformed into the source of the spread of the flu.

Since it is hard to keep the children away from each other at school, higher authorities have suggested that it is a better option to keep them at home.

So, parents are requested to keep their kid’s health in check and give proper medications when they see any H1N1 symptoms.

Dr Mindy Calandro Direction To Parents

The Joint Decision Of Teachers, School Administrators, And Healthcare Professionals

The notice regarding the flu outbreak and attending school, which the administrators issued, was completely a joint decision made by the teachers and healthcare specialists.

It is not only inconvenient for the infected kid but also for teachers and other students to have a patient among them. This disturbs the class and the school management system as all the focus goes to the infected kid.

It is the prime concern of the school authorities to keep everyone safe, and Zachary’s school has been implementing proper hygiene practices to reduce the risk of virus transmission within the school setting.

The situation in and around the schools is being closely monitored by the local healthcare specialists so that the citizens can be kept away from the infection.

The CDC has reported four influenza-associated pediatric deaths during the 48 weeks of the cases being monitored, out of which were infected with influenza A viruses and one with B.

It is also predicted that 8 more deaths might occur in the future during the 2023-2024 season because of this H1N1 flu.

However, the whole nation understands the seriousness of the situation and is working together to reduce the further spread of influenza viruses.

Since the spread is rapid among children, they are the prime focus of the authorities and administrators.

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