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Crop Weather Outlook and Which Protein Produced the Most - Fish or Beef? - 9th July 2013

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Tuesday 9th July 2013.
Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor

Crop Weather Outlook and Which Protein Produced the Most - Fish or Beef?

Hello from the steamy Midwest! Expectations for warmer, drier conditions over the next few weeks will be watched closely here in the Midwest.

In southern Brazil, persistent, untimely rainfall has kept corn, winter wheat, and other crops unseasonably wet. It was the second consecutive week of heavy rain in the region, which has been trended wetter than normal for most of June, compounding problems with fieldwork, including late winter wheat planting and treatment for pests and diseases, and likely flooded low-lying fields.

The rain also hit sugarcane harvesting in Sao Paulo and nearby Mato Grosso do Sul and Parana, though more northerly production areas recorded less rainfall. Drier conditions prevailed in the central and northeastern interior, speeding development of secondary (safrinha) corn and cotton.

Canada’s warmer weather boosted development of spring grains and oilseeds following a period of unseasonably mild weather. Drier, warmer conditions are being seen in the western Prairies and are welcome after the recent flooding in the Calgary area. In contrast, rainfall was above normal over most of Manitoba, where planting is complete and conditions are favorable for emerging to vegetative spring grains and oilseeds.

For more on the implications of the US weather forecast, click here

A report from the Earth Policy Institute (EPI) said that for a second year, fish farming has produced more animal protein than the cattle industry in what is being called a landmark stage in the progression of consumer diets.

In 2012, world aquaculture produced 66 million tons of fish, outstripping the beef industry by 3 million tons. One EPI factor for allowing aquaculture to develop is the feed efficiency of fish in converting feed into meat. Cattle consume 7 pounds of grain or more to produce an additional pound of beef, says EPI, which is twice as high as the grain rations for pigs, and over three times those of poultry. Fish are more efficient, typically taking less than 2 pounds of feed to add another pound of weight.

However, dependence on fish farming is not a perfect alternative to grazing beef and fattening cattle in feedlots. Carnivorous fish farming needs particular care. Salmon and shrimp aquaculture requires vast quantities of forage fish to operate. This is derived from wild populations of fish that are caught and turned into fishmeal or fish oil.

Around one third of the world's oceanic catch now goes back into the fish sector to be processed as fish meal or fish oil. Principal species are anchovies, herrings and sardines which, according to the report, are all dangerously overharvested.

With a global population that is growing nearly 80 million each year, how do we face the limits of nature?

Have a great week!

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