Cortexi Reviews – Is This Ear Health Formula By Jonathan Miller Effective?

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Cortexi Reviews

Cortexi is an ear health supplement that is made using a powerful combination of natural ingredients. The formula is research-backed and is proven to improve your ear health naturally in a few months. According to the team behind the development of the formula, it works by targeting the root cause of compromised hearing.

In this Cortexi review, I will take you through every claim made by the manufacturers to determine whether the supplement is worth a try or not.      


Cortexi Supplement

Price Packages

  • 1 Bottle (1 month supply)- $69+ shipping (original price- $179)
  • 3 Bottles (3 month supply)- $177+ free US shipping (original price- $537)
  • 6 Bottles (6-month supply)- $294+ free US shipping (original price- $1074) 


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  • Provides 360 Degree of Hearing Support 
  • Supports Mental Acuity 
  • Reduces Symptoms of Tinnitus 
  • Improve Cognitive Function

Cortexi, a breakthrough in herbal science for hearing health by Jonathan Miller, offers comprehensive 360-degree support for hearing. The revolutionary formula, comprising natural science-backed ingredients, is designed to make a significant impact on hearing health. The supplement is manufactured in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility. Also backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Cortexi Reviews – How Does It Help To Remove Ringing Sound From Ears?

Often, we hear people say that the initial hype is nothing but a major cover-up. But, this particular saying does not apply to the Cortexi hearing support formula as it is also a hyped supplement but not a scam. I will elucidate my point further in the coming sections of this Cortexi review to help you better understand the supplement and make an informed decision.

So, let us get into this review without any further delay.   

Cortexi Review

Quick Facts

  • Supplement Name: Cortexi
  • Manufacturer: Jonathan Miller
  • Type: Herbal supplement
  • Purpose: Hearing Health Support
  • Serving Size: 1 ml/day
  • Price: $69

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What Is Cortexi?

Cortexi is a herbal science breakthrough in hearing health developed by Jonathan Miller. It has 360-degree hearing support and the revolutionary formula is made using only a set of natural science-backed ingredients that are proven to bring a major impact on your hearing. The improved Cortexi ear health formula comprises chosen ingredients in precise ratios to support healthy hearing.

According to the manufacturers, Cortexi ear drops are an excellent alternative to hearing aids, which people are usually hesitant to use.

Cortexi ear support supplement is free of stimulants, GMOs, and other artificial additives and contaminants. The non-habit forming formula comes in the form of liquid which makes consumption 10x easier. Cortexi drops are suitable for men and women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 80s.

The Cortexi hearing aid formula is engineered based on modern science teachings. And you can rest assured knowing that the ear health booster is manufactured in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility. 

Cortexi Overview


  • Effectiveness: 4.7/5
  • Taste/Flavor (if applicable): 4.5/5
  • Value for Money: 4.7/5
  • Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Dealing With Tinnitus And Hearing Problems

Tinnitus is a constant buzzing or ringing that you hear even in a silent environment. It is usually caused by an underlying condition such as ear injury, age-related hearing loss, and other issues with the circulatory system. As ear health issues are becoming common in the US, the Cortexi formula was launched at a time when the demand for an ear health formula was at its peak.

The Cortexi hearing support drops contain nutrients to deal with tinnitus and other hearing problems. So you can expect to improve your hearing health with the help. 

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How Do Cortexi Drops Provide Relief From Ear Health Issues?

As I mentioned before, the Cortexi auditory health formula has received rave reviews ever since its launch. You must already know how popular the supplement is. It is the effectiveness of the supplement that is the core reason behind the hype. And, it is the efficiency of the naturally sourced Cortexi ingredients like Astragalus, Capsicum annuum, Gymnema sylvestre, and Maca Root that ensures the formula works fine on everyone.

In other words, the Cortexi hearing health formula works by incorporating the goodness of these ingredients into your daily routine. The potent blend of these ingredients works synergistically to enhance your hearing ability. In addition to supporting the auditory health of a person, the powerful natural minerals also help boost mental acuity and strengthen memory. 

Cortexi Ingredients

Inside every Cortexi drop, you will find a range of carefully curated ingredients that together work to improve your hearing ability. The following are a few of the key Cortexi ingredients: 

IngredientPurpose/Role in Improving Hearing Health
Green TeaIncreases blood flow, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.
Gymnema SylvestreIncreases blood flow, and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.
Grape SeedRich in antioxidants, improves overall performance.
Panax GinsengFights sugar cravings, lowers high blood sugar levels, is anti-inflammatory, and supports healthy hearing.
Capsicum AnnuumPrevents respiratory infections, supports clear sounds, and improves memory and mental functioning.
AstragalusPromotes auditory health, and contains flavonoids that improve mood and reduce anxiety.
Maca RootProtects ears from damage, supports healthy hearing, and promotes memory and thinking skills.
Chromium PicolinateBoosts ear health, lowers blood sugar levels, and helps manage diabetes.
Cortexi Ingredients
  • Green Tea: Green tea provides a series of health benefits. This Cortexi ingredient increases your blood flow and decreases your stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre: Gymnema sylvestre is a plant that is beneficial in treating diabetes. It fights sugar cravings and also lowers high blood sugar levels. It has anti-inflammatory properties and supports healthy hearing.
  • Grape Seed: Grape seed extract is a component that is commonly used in dietary supplements. It is rich in antioxidants and therefore it is good for improving the overall performance of a person. 
  • Panax ginseng: Panax ginseng is a plant grown in China. It is a herb that is considered as an adaptogen. The antioxidants in this Cortexi ingredient will protect your ears from any damage and support healthy hearing contains active chemicals that promote memory and thinking skills. 
  • Capsicum annuum: Capsicum annuum is an herb that is clinically proven to provide relief for muscle spasms. The component is also associated with treating conditions such as shingles, diabetic neuropathy, and back pain. 
  •  Astragalus: Astragalus is a rare plant that prevenst respiratory infections, and supports clear sounds. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. This component helps in improving memory and mental functioning.
  • Maca Root: Maca Root is well-renowned for promoting auditory health. It is also an excellent auditory health promoter. This Cortexi ingredient contains many flavonoids that improve your mood and reduce anxiety.
  • Chromium Picolinate: Chromium Picolinate is a type of chromium that boosts the ear health of a person. It is also well known to lower blood sugar levels and manage diabetes

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Cortexi Dosage Guidelines

As per the supplement label, you should consume 2 full Cortexi droppers every day. You should take a dropper in the morning on an empty stomach and the second dropper before lunch. You can either consume Cortexi liquid by dissolving it in a glass of plain water or simply place it beneath your tongue.

A full Cortexi dropper contains approximately 15 drops of the hearing support formula, which means, you are supposed to take 30 drops of the liquid per day. 

Cortexi Supplement Facts Label

Cortexi Benefits

Cortexi cognitive health supplement is scientifically proven to provide a plethora of health benefits and some of them are mentioned below. So, scroll down: 

  • Provides 360 Degree of Hearing Support 

Cortexi is a hearing support supplement and therefore, this is the primary benefit that you can expect from the auditory health formula. The ingredients contained in the formula together work to clear the wax stagnation, thereby helping you hear clear sounds

  • Supports Mental Acuity 

The Cortexi tinnitus relief formula contains a class of plant-based ingredients that efficiently remove mental fog by encouraging healthy communication between the brain and the ears. It also strengthens your memory. 

  • Reduces Symptoms of Tinnitus 

Some people struggle with tinnitus symptoms like constant ringing and buzzing in the ears. You can expect to reduce the intensity of these symptoms with regular intake of Cortexi drops. 

  • Improves Cognitive Functions 

The ingredients used in the Cortexi liquid formula support cognitive functions like focus and concentration. Therefore, the supplement not only benefits old adults but also the children. 

Pros And Cons Of Cortexi Hearing Support Formula  

Cortexi is a working auditory health supplement and there is no debate about it. But, if you have some questions hanging in your head, then this pros and cons section of the Cortexi review will help you get rid of them.

The following are the pros and cons of the Cortexi tinnitus cure supplement: 


  • The Cortexi liquid is made using only natural ingredients
  • The potent blend contains no stimulants and it is free of GMOs and allergens
  • Cortexi is non-habit forming 
  • It comes in the liquid form
  • Backed with a hassle-free money-back guarantee 


  • Can only be accessed through the official Cortexi website 
  • It is not advised for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Checkout The Official Cortexi Website To See If The Supplement is Currently In Stock

Cortexi Manufacturing Standards

Cortexi ear health support solution is manufactured in a strict, sterile, and precise environment certified by the GMP.

The supplement is also approved by the FDA and the team behind the development of the supplement ensures every Cortexi batch is lab-tested for purity and safety. 

Is Cortexi Liquid Safe To Consume?

  • Side Effects: No side effects have been reported by users of Cortexi hearing support drops.
  • Severity: Mild

Cortexi hearing support drops contain only lab-tested natural ingredients. It is proven to be free of any artificial additives or stimulants. The supplement is also non-GMO.

As this ear health formula is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility here in the US and is also approved by the FDA, there is no question about its safety.

So far, no Cortexi side effects have been reported by users. It is safe for regular consumption.

How To Purchase Cortexi Auditory Health Formula?

By now, you must have learned nearly everything about Cortexi hearing health formula. Now, it is time for us to discuss the pricing. But before getting into that, let me remind you that this hearing supplement is only available on the official Cortexi website.

So, if you want to get the original product, then you should not make the purchase from any other online store. 

The following are the Cortexi  price details:

  • 1 Bottle (1 month supply)- $69+ shipping (original price- $179)
  • 3 Bottles (3 month supply)- $177+ free US shipping (original price- $537)
  • 6 Bottles (6-month supply)- $294+ free US shipping (original price- $1074) 

In addition to the discount prices, the Cortexi manufacturers also offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee, as per which, you will be able to get a full refund if you are not happy with the final result safer consuming the formula for 60 days. You can return the Cortexi empty bottles and claim the refund without answering any further questions.

If you purchase Cortexi liquid solution from any online store, you may not achieve the desired results and may miss out on the benefits of our refund policy. To ensure the best experience, please buy the supplement exclusively from the Cortexi website.

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Cortexi Bonuses

On every order of 3 or 6 Cortexi bottles, you will be entitled to receive 2 free bonuses such as: 

Cortexi Bonuses
  • Bonus#1: Hear Like a Pro – Hear Like a Pro is an e-book that contains proven tricks and tips to improve your hearing. You will get access to it the moment you confirm the order.
  • Bonus#2: Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory – Cortexi itself is a memory enhancer and it performs 2x better when taken along with proven ear exercises. You will also get access to this digital download right after completing the payment procedure.

Cortexi Reviews – Final Take

To date, you must have come across different ear health supplements. But have you ever seen a formulation like Cortexi? No, isn’t it? That is why I would like to recommend you this ear health supplement.

From my deep analysis for this Cortexi review, I have understood the true potential of the formula. Now, the ball is in your court. You may decide whether or not you want to try this science-backed ear health booster.

Cortexi healthy hearing support formula is also manufactured in a safe environment and the manufacturers are also providing discounts and bonuses along with every purchase. If you really want to improve your hearing and enhance your memory, then you may visit the Cortexi official website before it goes out of stock.

Once Cortexi ear drops are out of stock, it takes around 6 months to restock the supplement. So, I wish you good luck with your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Cortexi formula contain any allergens? 

No. Cortexi contains only research-backed natural ingredients that are proven to cause no allergic reactions. However, if you want reassurance, you may check the list of ingredients again. 

2. Is there an international delivery?

Yes. The manufacturers of Cortexi not only want to help the people in the US but also the people in other countries. So, they are providing international delivery as well. 

3. How long should I take Cortexi drops to see the results? 

Cortexi is a natural supplement and therefore, you should expect it to take around 1-2 months to start working. However, keep in mind that this duration might vary from person to person. 

4. What if the Cortexi liquid solution doesn’t work for me? 

You do not have to worry in case the formula fails to work for you. You can apply for the refund policy and get back your full investment in no time. 

5. Is Cortexi supplement vegan? 

Yes. Cortexi contains only plant-based ingredients and therefore, it is vegan. This is also one of the reasons why Cortexi stands out from any other ear health supplement.

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