ProMind Complex Reviews: Is This Cognitive Enhancer Safe To Take Daily?

ProMind Complex Reviews

ProMind Complex is an advanced cognitive enhancement supplement developed to assist people with mental health difficulties and cognitive decline. It is based on the latest studies, which confirmed the role of plaque-forming bacteria and nutritional deficiency in harming brain function. The supplement utilizes a unique blend of clinically tested ingredients to eliminate this dental plaque and enhance mental clarity. Keep reading the ProMind Complex review to learn more about the formula.

ProMind Complex Reviews: Can This Formula Enhance Cognitive Function And Brain Health?  

Cognition is a combination of brain processes that include the ability to learn, remember, and make judgments. When cognition gets impaired, it rules out the overall health and quality of life of a person. This cognitive decline can vary from mild impairment to dementia, which is one of the major causes of disability and a leading cause of death. It’s scary to find out how much our life depends on cognition. As you grow older, you may experience more of these issues, a decline in focus and concentration, troubled memory, or brain fog.

I’m certain there are plenty of individuals who are reading this article right now who often overlook where they left their keys, what they had for breakfast, the names of their neighbors or colleagues, and so on. It can be embarrassing when you find yourself stuck in the middle of a conversation, trying to remember what was being talked about. These issues occur mainly due to certain health conditions, nutrient deficiency, or aging, ultimately leading to mental illnesses like memory loss, brain fog, depression, anxiety, and more.

ProMind Complex Review
Supplement NameProMind Complex
DescriptionCognitive enhancement supplement for mental health and cognitive decline
Ginkgo biloba
Bacopa monnieri
St. John’s Wort
Working PrincipleAvailable only on the official website, results may vary
BenefitsEnhances brain function
Elevates mood
Encourages sleep quality
Usage1 capsule after breakfast or lunch, on a full stomach; can take 2 capsules/day
ProsNatural, clinically proven
No side effects
Money-back guarantee
ConsAvailable only on official website, results may vary
PriceBasic Pack (30-day supply) – $69
Refund Policy60-day, 100% money-back guarantee
AvailabilityOfficial website only
Official websiteClick Here

ProMind is a dietary supplement that claims to provide adequate nutrition to improve mental health and tackle infections that affect your cognition. From its design and supplement label, the supplement looks legit and safe. However, we must investigate it in detail to make sure of its credibility. This ProMind Complex review will examine all aspects of the supplement from components used, health benefits, scientific evidence, and safety aspects, to user feedback. Along with these, we would also cover details on its functioning, legitimacy, dosage, and directions for usage to help you determine if it’s worth a shot. 

What Is ProMind Complex?

ProMind Complex is a cognitive support formula, created using natural and scientifically backed ingredients to enhance brain health and cognitive function. A study published in the journal Science Advances under the American Association for Advancement of Science found an association between mouth bacteria and brain function. It states that once these mouth bacteria reach the brain, they may contribute to brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

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Another study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information confirmed the correlation between nutrient deficiency and mental illnesses. This study also indicated daily supplements of vital nutrients are effective in reducing the symptoms and recovering brain activity.

The makers of the ProMind Complex brain booster formula have incorporated ingredients to remove harmful bacteria and provide essential nutrients to fight the mentioned brain and mental impairments. We will be talking more about the working principle of the supplement in the subsequent sections.    

Now coming to other aspects of the ProMind Complex formula claim to work for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or medical conditions without causing any adverse effects. To ensure the supplement’s quality and potency, it was crafted without any artificial stimulants or toxins under strict, sterile, and precise conditions of an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the United States. 

Ingredients Used To Formulate ProMind Complex 

According to the official website, the ProMind Complex supplement consists of 5 active ingredients that work in synergy to give the desired results. Here is the list of core ingredients along with their health benefits:



It is a licensed anti-Alzheimer’s disease drug and nutraceutical, which acts as a natural inhibitor for acetylcholinesterase (AChE) to increase the level and duration of neurotransmitter action. This ProMind Complex is used to improve memory and mental function in people with dementia, depression, and schizophrenia. 

ProMind Complex Ingredient Vinpocetine


It is a compound derived from the Periwinkle plant known for its cognitive protection and anti-aging properties. When consumed it increases blood flow to the brain, protects nerves from toxins and excess stimulation, reduces neural inflammation, and improves reaction time. These properties make it beneficial for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions harming learning, memory, and problem-solving skills associated with aging.

ProMind Complex Ingredient Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba

It is a medicinal herb native to China, rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients. The antioxidant and nutrient content of Ginkgo help combat damage caused by free radical damage, reduce inflammatory response, improve circulation, alleviate symptoms of psychiatric and cognitive disorders, and improve brain function.

ProMind Complex Ingredient Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri

It is a medicinal herb native to China, rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients. The antioxidant and nutrient content of Ginkgo help combat damage caused by free radical damage, reduce inflammatory response, improve circulation, alleviate symptoms of psychiatric and cognitive disorders, and improve brain function.

ProMind Complex Ingredient St. John's Wort

St. John’s Wort

This therapeutic herb is commonly seen in Europe with yellow, star-shaped flowers. It contains 2 active chemicals called hypericin and hyperforin affecting serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine to improve mood. It also possesses a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity which fights bacterial, viral, and fungal infections and diseases affecting the brain and other organs.

The formula also contains ingredients such as L-Glutamine, phosphatidylserine 4% complex, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride, Gelatine, and vegetable magnesium stearate. For more ingredients regarding the ingredients, you may visit the official ProMind Complex website.

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How Does ProMind Complex Work?

ProMind works by clearing your brain and protecting your mind from dangerous dental plaque and germs. Let’s break down how ProMind Complex brain supplement works in a few steps. 

  1. Purifies the brain: The ProMind Complex ingredients supply nutrients throughout the body and eradicate the bacterial attack on the brain.  
  2. Prevents brain damage: Improving blood and nutrient supply to the brain, ProMind Complex helps the brain recover from the damage caused by bacteria and free radicals and prevents further impairments.  
  3. Improves brain health: By purifying and preventing brain damage, the ProMind Complex improves mental alertness, mental clarity, memory skills, and overall brain function.   

Benefits Of ProMind Complex

There are thousands of supplements that advertise to have a multitude of benefits, however, only a few actually deliver their promises. Here are some of the benefits that I experienced and what I feel others could also expect from ProMind Complex.

Enhances brain function:

Ingredients of the ProMind Complex capsules improve brain function by increasing blood circulation, eliminating infections and microbial attacks, and supplying essential nutrients. As a result, you get better memory skills, focus, brain responses, and relief from cognitive disorders. In my case, I was able to see improvements in memory and focus in 3 weeks, however, the results were elevated to a much higher level with 3 months of ProMind Complex use. 

Elevates mood:

Certain ingredients used in the ProMind Complex memory retention formula are highly potent to interact with cortisol (stress hormone), serotonin (happy hormone), and dopamine (feel-good hormone), which help deal with stress and elevate mood. While, ingredients like Bacopa, Ginkgo, and Huperzine-A are proven to alleviate symptoms of mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Stress was one of the major parts of my job, which took a good part of my sanity, but in just a few days of taking ProMind Complex, I was able to tackle it.  

Encourage sleep quality:

ProMind Complex brain health formula also plays a huge role in calming our minds along with suppressing stress. This is highly beneficial to improve your sleep routines. Thanks to ProMind Complex I could finally sleep peacefully as I did before getting to this stressful job. For me, improvements in sleep became noticeable almost after a week of taking the supplement. 

How To Use ProMind Complex Brain Formula? 

Each ProMind Complex bottle contains 30 easy-to-swallow capsules, which gives you 30 servings. It is recommended to take it soon after your breakfast or lunch with a big glass of water, to experience focus and concentration throughout the day.

Note that it is necessary to take the ProMind Complex capsule right after a meal on a full stomach to increase the absorption of the supplement. You can also take 2 capsules per day if required, either in the morning, afternoon, or evening right after the meals.

ProMind Complex Supplement Facts

Side Effects Of ProMind Complex 

From the research I have done, I found hardly any concerns or complaints regarding any ProMind Complex  side effects. Considering the quality of the ingredients used and the standards at which the ProMind complex was made, it’s certain that it doesn’t cause any side effects. 

However, the manufacturers have mentioned a few safety cautions while using the ProMind Complex memory retention formula. 

  • Avoid overdosing on the ProMind Complex supplement as ingredients like St. John’s Wort may cause photosensitivity when used more than the prescribed dosage. 
  • Restriction in usage: Kids under 18, people with clotting disorders, and pregnant or nursing women are to restrict ProMind Complex. 
  • Storage: You must store the supplement in a cool and dry place to prevent contamination. 
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ProMind Complex Customer Reviews And Complaints

It is necessary to analyze how the ProMind Complex has impacted users to determine whether it’s safe and effective. Apart from me, there are thousands of customers who found ProMind useful. The verified user testimonials posted on several authentic healthcare platforms speak for its reach among people worldwide. Some of the common and repetitive statements among them were improvement in memory, focus, concentration, mood, and mental clarity.  

Although, there were differences in healing time among the customers. Some got results within a month while others made it in 2 or 3 months.

Note, the ProMind Complex brain health formula effects may vary from person to person depending on your health conditions. However, all users were able to see significant improvements in their overall cognitive function and quality of life.  

How And Where To Order ProMind Complex Brain Health Supplement? 

Due to the success and increasing demand for the supplement, several e-commerce websites are selling its cheap knock-offs. However, the manufacturers guarantee ProMind Complex brain health performance boosters is only available on its official website. Remember, by buying duplicate products, you are putting your health and money at risk. Therefore, I recommend that you order the ProMind Complex only from its official website.   

Despite using high-quality exotic ingredients and manufacturing under top-quality facilities, ProMind Complex is available at an affordable price. Well, thanks to the manufacturers. The supplement can be purchased as a single package or as multipacks, either way, you get free domestic shipping. The ProMind Complex price details and packages available are listed below for your reference: 

1 bottle, Basic Pack (30-day supply) – $69 + Free US Shipping 

3 bottles, Popular Pack (90-day supply) – $177 ($59 per bottle) + Free US Shipping 

6 bottles, Best Value Pack (180-day supply) – $294 ($49 per bottle) + Free US Shipping 

To purchase ProMind Complex cognitive support supplement, open the official website, select any package, and fill in the order details on the checkout page. Once done, click on the Pay Now button to complete the transaction.

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Refund Policy

ProMind Complex is backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. So, in case you are not satisfied with the results, the manufacturers assure you a full refund for 60 days of purchasing it. But remember this is applicable only for ProMind Complex brain formula which is purchased from the supplement’s official website. 

Pros And Cons Of ProMind Complex 

Let us summarize the pros and cons of ProMind Complex before drawing any conclusion. 



  • 100% natural and safe
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Non-GMO 
  • No ProMind Complex side effects
  • Affordable price
  • 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee


  • Only available on its official website
  • ProMind Complex results may vary from person to person

Final Verdict On ProMind Complex Reviews

Taking all information into account from ProMind Complex review, the formula seems to be legit and effective. It offers a natural solution for all cognitive and mental illnesses by purifying and eliminating the brain from disease-causing toxins and germs.

Its quality, safety, and potency are ensured by the manufacturers by confirming the purity of ingredients and manufacturing under top-quality facilities that adhere to the strict guidelines of the FDA and GMP regulations. Customers who have used the ProMind Complex memory retention formula seemed fully satisfied with the results, with no complaints so far. However, try to stick to the recommended dosage and follow safety considerations to avoid any difficulties.

So, from my experience and considering the mentioned factors, I would say ProMind Complex brain health supplement deserves a try. You have nothing to lose as it comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. You can give it a try and if not satisfied get a refund.

ProMind Complex: Overall Brain Health Formula Score

ProMind Complex is a cognitive support formula, created using natural and scientifically backed ingredients to enhance brain health and cognitive function.

– Brainstorm Force

ProMind Complex
Customer Reviews


Taking all information into account, ProMind Complex seems to be legit and effective. It offers a natural solution for all cognitive and mental illnesses by purifying and eliminating the brain from disease-causing toxins and germs.

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1. How long does ProMind Complex take to show results?

Even though most users experience changes within 2 or 3 weeks, it is recommended to continue the supplement for at least 2 months. Based on the tests conducted, the supplement gave better results when you take it for longer periods. This gives your body enough time to cycle the nutrients throughout your system and protect it from gum-base attacks.

2. Is it safe to take ProMind Complex with my other medication?

Yes! ProMind Complex doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that might interfere with any medication. However, it is advised to consult with your doctor before using the supplement.

3. Will I be charged again after the payment?

No, the manufacturers ensure that all ProMind Complex purchases follow a one-time payment, with no auto-ship, subscriptions, or hidden charges. If you wish to purchase again, you can do it by placing another order from the website.

4. What should I do to get the refund?

To get a full refund you must return the supplement bottles (both empty and full) within 60 days of placing the order. Once your package is received and approved, the refund will be processed in a few days. For queries contact their customer support at [email protected].

5. How long does it take to ship and deliver my order?

Once your payment is confirmed, your order will be shipped automatically in no more than 60 hours. You’ll receive an email with your shipping tracking ID and a personalized link to check the status of your order on shipping. Expected delivery for domestic orders is 5 to 7 business days, and for international orders, it is 10 to 15 business days.


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