Tea Burn Reviews: How Green Tea & Powerful Herbs In This Formul Help You Lose Weight Fast?

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Tea Burn Reviews

Struggling to lose those stubborn pounds? No matter how hard you diet or exercise, the weight just won’t seem to budge. You’re not alone – losing weight can be an incredibly frustrating process. But what if there was a supplement designed to help accelerate your metabolism and torch fat effortlessly?

The Tea Burn formula comes in convenient sachets that you can mix into any beverage. Within days, you may start to experience a transformation in metabolism and energy levels. The creators optimized the formula for fast yet sustainable benefits, without requiring drastic changes to your lifestyle.

If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau or struggle with problem areas no matter what you try, Tea Burn could provide the metabolism support you need. Keep reading this Tea Burn review to learn how this supplement works and why it stands out from other solutions.

Tea Burn Reviews: Break Fats Down More Quickly And Burn More Calories!

At first glance, Tea Burn seems to be a safe and genuine supplement. To know about the effectiveness of this weight loss supplement, a detailed analysis would be required. This Tea Burn review covers all the details you need to know about this new product. I will take a deep dive into the ingredients used, clinical efficacy, the health benefits, and the pros and cons of the supplement. I have organized them into separate sections. 

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I also include the details about the science, the dosage, and the instructions to use the Tea Burn weight management complex. To make a completely informed decision regarding the supplement before buying it, one has to look into the feedback of past customers. You will find that here. In the end, I have concluded my findings in the Verdict section, followed by the FAQs. 

What Is Tea Burn?

Tea Burn is a weight reduction supplement formulated from natural ingredients. It contains some powerful herbs that are proven to promote fast metabolism and accelerated fat burning. The major ingredients include green tea extract, green coffee beans, chromium, etc. The nutrients present in this dietary supplement also offer some general health benefits. Tea Burn comes in the form of sachets of powder packed into one-month supply pouches. 

According to the creators, the supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the US. Compared to other weight loss programs that require restrictive dieting or exercise, Tea Burn fat burning formula tackles obesity by creating a calorie deficit in multiple ways. Continue reading to learn more about the mechanism and the science behind the working of the supplement.

Tea Burn Review
Supplement NameTea Burn
ClassificationWeight loss supplement
Ingredients– Green tea extract
– Chromium
– Green coffee beans
– L-Theanine
– L-Carnitine
FormulationPowder in sachets
Manufacturing StandardsFDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the US
Target AudienceIndividuals aiming for weight loss and overall health improvement
Mechanism of Action✅ Boosts metabolism
✅ Promotes fat burning
✅ Reduces hunger
✅ Provides general health benefits
Usage Instructions🥄 Mix a sachet into daily tea; can be taken with or without food
Side EffectsNo reported side effects
Duration for ResultsVisible results in the first month
FDA and GMP compliant
ConsLimited availability
Shipping costs may apply
Addiction PotentialNo psychoactive properties in ingredients
Pricing1 pouch (30 days) – $49 + shipping,
Money Back Gurantee30 days
AvailabityOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

Ingredients Used To Formulate Tea Burn?

Tea Burn weight loss powder contains some powerful herbs and minerals that activate fat burning. 

Green tea extract

The active substances in green tea, including catechins, flavonoids, and caffeine, stimulate the metabolism which in turn can raise your energy levels, accelerate fat burning, and improve insulin response. It contains antioxidants and the main compound EGCG can activate the hormone norepinephrine which leads to rapid fat oxidation. 


Chromium boosts insulin sensitivity which, in turn, helps the body to effectively absorb blood glucose. Research suggests that adding trace amounts of chromium to our diet can prevent food cravings and overeating. 

Green coffee beans

Active substances in green coffee beans, chlorogenic acid, in particular, stimulate the metabolism and prevent fat storage. Chlorogenic acid controls the absorption of carbs into the bloodstream and the release of some hormones that cause weight gain


When combined with caffeine, L-theanine can improve concentration while at demanding tasks and relieve stress and anxiety. This Tea Burn ingredient will indirectly prevent cravings and overeating. Research shows that this substance can also strengthen immunity and promote sleep quality. 


L-carnitine carries fatty acids into the cell’s mitochondria, where fat is burnt to produce usable energy. This compound also speeds up fat oxidation and muscle recovery. Studies also show that this compound can improve sports performance and brain function. 

Tea Burn Ingredients

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How Does Tea Burn Weight Loss Supplement Work?

Tea Burn’s working mechanism is simple. Every individual possesses a metric called the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is a measure of the amount of calories you burn while you do nothing. If your metabolic rate is high, the amount of calories you consume will be readily used up by your body and those calories will not be stored as fat. If your BMR is very high, in addition to the calories from the food you eat, your body will dip into the existing fat stores to meet its energy requirement. Tea Burn powder contains nutrients that can speed up fat burning inside the cells. 

Tea Burn supplement also gives a boost to your metabolism in two major ways. To begin with, it contains natural metabolism stimulators. These substances accelerate glucose and fat consumption. Then, the tea you consume the supplement with generates nutritional synergy with the proprietary blend of Tea Burn. This will spike the metabolic rate lead to healthy weight loss and contribute to high energy levels throughout the day. 

Benefits Of Tea Burn

While it is primarily a fat-burning tea mix, the Tea Burn formula also comes with a range of other health benefits. 

Boost metabolism

Tea Burn powdered formula is designed to accelerate the body’s metabolism. When the BMR is high, your body will burn more calories even when you are asleep and keep you active in the daytime. 

Burns belly fat

Tea Burn weight management formula targets your problem areas to burn fat. Tea Burn accelerates the fat burning in your belly, stomach, and thighs and prevents further accumulation of fat. 

Improves energy

Once the metabolic rate is raised, it improves brain function by providing an uninterrupted oxygen supply to the head. This will also help to spend the whole day with full energy. 

Reduce hunger

The nutrients in the Tea Burn weight loss formula prevent food cravings and stress eating. This makes managing a healthy weight easier and indirectly promotes a healthy weight. 

Improve overall health

Tea Burn also supports heart health and regulates mood. It also stimulates immunity and improves sleep quality

Whitens teeth

Tea Burn herbal tea is also designed to target and neutralize the teeth stains found in tea and results in noticeably whiter and healthier-looking teeth. 

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Tea Burn Weight Loss Formula

Pros And Cons Of Tea Burn

I have compared Tea Burn with other weight loss supplements available in the market and found the following pros and cons. There were quite a few good reasons to Tea Burn supplement and there were also some fine points everyone should consider before buying this product. 

  • The supplement is all-natural and vegetarian. 
  • Tea Burn is gluten-free and non-GMO safe. 
  • The supplement contains no artificial colors or preservatives.
  • The product is manufactured in line with FDA and GMP norms. 
  • The powder is quality-checked by 3rd party labs. 
  • It dissolves in tea without changing its taste. 
  • Tea Burn fat-burning formula can’t be bought from the neighborhood drug store or other online retail stores. 
  • The pouches do not come with free shipping. 

How To Use Tea Burn Powdered Formula?

🥄 Tea Burn is best consumed by mixing a sachet of the powder into your daily tea.

You can take it with or without food, just like normal tea. As the formula is in the form of a fine powder, it blends well with tea. You can use Tea Burn weight management formula at any time of the day but drinking it first thing in the morning gives the best results. The manufacturer also recommends taking the supplement at the same time of the day every day for optimal results. 

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Side Effects Of Tea Burn

As of today, when I am writing the Tea Burn review, no side effects have been reported from the use as expected from herbal supplements. However, it is still advisable to take the supplement strictly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, which have been already explained in detail.

As with any new supplement, discussing Tea Burn with your doctor can help ensure it is appropriate for you before adding it to your health regimen.

How Long Does It Take Tea Burn Formula To Show The Result?

According to the creators, results will be visible in the first month itself.

But to get the most out of the supplement, it is recommended to take the Tea Burn supplement for 90 to 180 days. It is also mentioned that the longer you use the supplement, the better the results will be. Past users have reported that they got better results with consistent use than when they didn’t. According to the Tea Burn official website, the effect of 180 days of consistent use of Tea Burn will sustain for up to 2 years, when paired with a healthy lifestyle. 

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Tea Burn Customer Reviews And Complaints

Tea Burn customer reviews show that the customers are quite satisfied with the supplement. They reported appreciable weight loss within one or two months. Some users have also highlighted improved energy levels and overall well-being. Some have reported better concentration at work and high self-esteem. I did not find any complaints about Tea Burn weight management formula on the online forums or anywhere else. 

How And Where To Order Tea Burn? And Pricing

Tea Burn weight loss formula is sold in 30-day supply pouches. The supplement is officially sold only on the brand’s website though you may find other websites that claim to sell the product at higher prices. On the official website, the formulation comes in one, three, or six-pouch bundles. When I last checked the Tea Burn pouches were on an introductory discount offer. I will add the pricing details below. 

1 pouch (30 days supply) – $49 ($49/pouch) + shipping costs

3 pouches (90 days supply) – $117 ($39/pouch) + shipping costs

6 pouches (180 days supply) – $204 ($34/pouch) + shipping costs

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On the website, the Tea Burn supplement is backed by a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee up to 60 days from the date of purchase. The manufacturer offers a refund for any reason the customer is not satisfied with the formula.

All you need to do is send back the bottles via post to the warehouse address of the manufacturer at 22701 TROLLEY INDUSTRIAL DR, STE C, TAYLOR, MI 48180, USA, and inform the support team via email at [email protected] with return tracking information and number of pouches returned. The refunds are processed in 3 to 5 business days and may take 5 to 7 days to reflect on your credit card statement. 

Final Verdict On Tea Burn Reviews

Doing a detailed analysis of Tea Burn reviews, I have found that the formula is an effective weight loss supplement. The powder contains proven nutrients and minerals that work together with tea to support fast metabolism and fat burning. Going through Tea Burn customer reviews online, I have found that the customers are generally satisfied with its results. Owing to its herbal ingredients, the supplement also does not trigger any Tea Burn side effects.

Tea Burn weight loss supplement also acts as a teeth whitener. With consistent use, the formula helps maintain a healthy weight and supports brain and heart health. The formula aims to create a calorie deficit without going through tough-to-follow diets and exercise programs. The Tea Burn ingredients are also clinically proven to promote improved energy levels and emotional well being. 

The Tea Burn dietary complex is natural, non-GMO safe, and manufactured in line with regulatory standards. Also considering the low price point and the 60-day money back guarantee it is backed by, Tea Burn is worth a shot.

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1. Does Tea Burn work with other beverages?

According to the official website, some benefits of the formula can be obtained when it is taken with other beverages. However the proprietary blend of Tea Burn offers the most nutritional synergy with tea. 

2. How long will it take to ship the supplement?

Tea Burn pouches are shipped on the same day of order placement. Within the US, the packages are delivered in 5 to 7 business days. 

3. Does Tea Burn ship internationally? 

Yes, the brand website ships worldwide. However, international orders may take 7 to 14 days plus customs clearance time in the destination country. 

4. How can I contact the retailer for any queries or concerns?

You can get in touch with their 24/7 customer service team at [email protected]. You can also call them on the phone at 1 (844) 236-6478 from Monday through Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm EST. 

5. Does Tea Burn induce an addiction?

All the ingredients of Tea Burn are natural and none of them have psychoactive properties. Thus the formula is unlikely to cause an addiction and no such incidents were reported in customer feedback either. 

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