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USDA World Agricultural Production

12 November 2012

USDA World Agricultural Production - November 2012USDA World Agricultural Production - November 2012

Australia wheat production for 2012/13 is forecast at 21.0 million tons, down 2.0 million or 9 percent from last month, and down 8.5 million or 29 percent from last year.
USDA World Agricultural Production

The area forecast is 13.3 million hectares, unchanged from last month and down 0.8 million or 5 percent from last year. Since major sowing operations commenced in May, periods of dryness have plagued the Australian wheat producing states at varying times.

Yield is forecast below the 5-year average. Nationwide, the wheat crop faces mixed prospects heading into spring, reflecting below-average September through October winter rainfall and soil moisture conditions.

Indonesia Palm Oil: Production Growth to Continue for 2012/13

Indonesia’s 2011/12 palm oil production is forecast at 25.9 million tons, up 0.5 million or 2 percent from last month. Yields were higher than previously expected, leading to increased exports and domestic ending stocks.

The USDA also increased the 2012/13 forecast to a record 28.0 million tons, up 1.0 million or 4 percent from last month. Indonesia has recorded consistently strong annual trend yield growth, and the revised 2012/13 estimate reflects expected continued growth. It is estimated that approximately 50 percent of all land sown to oil palm in the country is less than 8 years of age.

Yield of oil palm plantings increase steadily up to 8 years of age, plateau from 10 to 20 years and then decline after that. The large population of young trees with strongly growing output potential is expected to underpin continued future national yield growth.

European Union Corn: Estimated Corn Output Down 1.0 Million Tons with Harvest Underway

European Union (EU) corn production for 2012/13 is estimated at 54.6 million tons, down 1.0 million or 1.7 percent from last month and down 11.5 million or 17 percent from last year. Area is estimated at 9.0 million hectares, virtually unchanged from last month, but up 0.2 million or 1.7 percent from last year. Yield is estimated at 6.10 tons per hectare (t/ha) compared to 6.18 t/ha last month, and down 19 percent from 7.51 t/ha last year.

Corn production and yield in the EU are estimated to be the lowest since the 2007/08 drought year. As harvest continues, more data are becoming available. Romania’s production is estimated down 0.3 million tons to 6.0 million. Romania’s corn decrease is the result of a 0.1-million-hectare drop in harvested area, created by drought-abandoned land. The country’s corn crop has suffered from both extreme heat and drought.

Hungary and Italy’s estimates have also been revised down by another 0.3 million and 0.2 million tons, respectively, due to summer heat and dryness. Poland’s corn crop however, is estimated to be 0.5 million tons higher than last month’s estimate because of favorable summer weather and adequate rainfall. Other significant EU corn changes for 2012/13 include 0.2-million-ton drops in both Spain and Austria, as well as a 0.3-million-ton drop in the Czech Republic, based on official statistics.

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