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DARD NI - Crop Yield and Production Estimates

02 January 2013

DARDNI - Crop Yield and Production Estimates - 2012DARDNI - Crop Yield and Production Estimates - 2012


Yield and production estimates for the main cereal crops and potatoes for the year 2012 were issued today by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD).

The estimates for cereal yields were obtained from a post-harvest survey of 235 growers, whilst potato estimates were derived from a survey involving pre-harvest digs covering potato crops on almost 170 farms.

Estimates for the areas of each crop were published as part of the results of the June Agricultural Census on 29th November 2012. The following estimates refer to crop yields and production:

  • Barley: Total production of barley has decreased to approximately 127,000 tonnes. Production has fallen due to a reduction in the area planted of winter barley and lower yields for both winter (6.1 t/ha) and spring (4.7 t/ha) crops. Planting conditions were difficult in the autumn of 2011 (reducing the area of winter barley planted) while weather conditions throughout the 2012 growing season adversely affected crop development.
  • Wheat: Production has decreased by over one third from 2011 levels to 56,000 tonnes due to a decrease in the area planted of 19% and a fall in yields of 23% to 6.0 t/ha.
  • Oats: Production of oats has decreased by 29% to 9,000 tonnes. Again, both the yields of oats (4.8 t/ha) and area planted have decreased in 2012.
  • Potatoes: The pre-harvest production estimate of maincrop ware and seed potatoes of 133,500 tonnes is 30% lower in 2012 than that for 2011. This is due to the combination of a decrease of 14% in the area planted and 19% in the average yield to 33 t/ha. The total pre-harvest estimate, including early varieties for Northern Ireland is 135,500 tonnes. Adverse weather conditions may reduce the final tonnage harvested.

Provisional results from DEFRA show that UK yields of spring barley, wheat and oats have all fallen compared with 2011.The link below provides the latest UK results:

Estimates of Crop Yields
(Tonnes Per Hectare)

Estimates of Crop Production
('000 Tonnes)

1. Cereal yields and production at 15% moisture content. For 2012, yields unadjusted for moisture, are shown in brackets.
2. Marketable yield includes crop over 45 mm for ware crops and over 28mm for seed.
3. Maincrop yield only.

DARD statistics are produced in accordance with the principles and protocols set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. Information on the way DARD complies with these principles and protocols are published on the DARD website at the following link:

December 2012

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