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Europe Mars Bulletins

26 September 2014

Europe Mars Bulletins Vol.22 No.9 (2014) (Crop monitoring in Europe) Europe Mars Bulletins Vol.22 No.9 (2014) (Crop monitoring in Europe)

Supplied by: MARS BULLETIN – EC - JRC

Maize Maturing Under Favourable Conditions

Yield prospects for grain maize have further improved; forecasts are 12.5 % above the level of last year and 11.8% above the last five year’s average. With the harvest having finished for most of the winter and spring crops the overall favourable EU-28 cereal yield forecast for 2014 is confirmed. In most of the EU, a wet and relatively cool August was followed by dry and sunny conditions, with above-average temperatures during the first half of September.

Overall growth conditions continued to be favourable and the yield outlook for summer crops is positive. There are a few regions of concern, however. In western Bulgaria, parts of the Pannonian plain and north eastern Italy, a huge rain surplus extending into September created problems to the farmers for all kinds of field operations; and in many places the conditions are favourable to the spread of plants diseases.

In southern Ukraine and in the main agricultural regions of European Russia a persistent hot spell during August coupled with rain scarcity hampered the grain filling stages of the summer crops, negatively impacting on the yield outlook.





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