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Canadian Crop Statistics

04 May 2012

Canada Field Crop Reporting Series - May 2012Canada Field Crop Reporting Series - May 2012

Early intentions for planting in 2012 show increases in spring wheat and durum wheat compared with 2011, and a possible record acreage of canola. Indications are soybean acreage could reach a record high nationally. In the East, farmers anticipate seeding a record area of corn for grain.
Canadian Crop Statistics

Farmers may modify their plans prior to planting time as a result of economic and environmental conditions. Some farmers indicated that they were still undecided about their final strategies for 2012.

Possible record acreage for canola

Survey results indicate that Canadian farmers may seed a record 20.4 million acres of canola in 2012, up 8.0% or 1.5 million acres from the previous record of 18.9 million acres set in 2011. This would be the sixth consecutive annual record in canola area at the national level. The majority of this increase is driven by Saskatchewan, where farmers anticipate increasing their canola seeding by 9.9% to a record high 10.8 million acres.

In Manitoba, farmers reported intentions to plant more canola, rebounding from 2011’s flood-induced decline in acreage. From 2.7 million acres seeded in 2011, they now intend to seed 3.3 million acres to canola, an increase of 19.3%.

Area for wheat expected to increase

At the national level, spring wheat area could rise by 9.0% or 1.4 million acres to 17.2 million acres in 2012. Similarly, durum wheat acreage is expected to increase for a second consecutive year, to 5.1 million acres, from 4.0 million acres in 2011.

In Saskatchewan, intentions show planting of spring wheat amounting to 8.6 million acres, up 14.7% or 1.1 million acres. Durum wheat acreage in Saskatchewan is expected to rise 28.1%, or 975,000 acres, to 4.5 million acres. In Manitoba, farmers anticipate that their seeded area of spring wheat will rise 24.9% in 2012 to 2.5 million acres. In Alberta, however, early intentions are for 5.9 million acres of spring wheat, down 2.3% from the 2011 seeded area.

Potential for record acreage of corn for grain in the East

In Ontario, farmers expect to seed a record of 2.24 million acres of corn for grain, up by 335,000 acres or 17.6% over 2011. This would break the previous record of 2.17 million acres set in 1981. In Quebec, farmers anticipate the area seeded to corn for grain to rise 16.2% to just over a million acres in 2012.

Soybean acreage on the rise

Nationally, farmers are expecting to seed a soybean area reaching nearly 4.0 million acres in 2012, up from 3.8 million acres the year before. This would be a record high. Ontario farmers anticipate seeding 2.5 million acres of soybeans in 2012. If these intentions are realized, this level would surpass the record seeded areas of 2010 and 2011.

Conversely, Quebec farmers plan to plant fewer acres of soybeans in 2012. Survey results show a 16.0% decline from 741,300 acres in 2011 to 622,700 acres. It would be the first decline in acres seeded to soybeans in Quebec since 2007. Manitoba farmers anticipate seeding 800,000 acres in 2012, which would represent a fourth consecutive annual record high. If realized, such an increase, coupled with the intended decline in Quebec soybean area, would give Manitoba the second largest soybean area after Ontario.

May 2012

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