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Europe Mars Bulletins

26 November 2014

Europe Mars Bulletins Vol.22 No.11 Crop monitoringin Europe Europe Mars Bulletins Vol.22 No.11 Crop monitoringin Europe

Supplied by: MARS BULLETIN – EC - JRC

Predominantly Favourable Sowing Conditions Despite Some Delays

The period of review was generally warmer than usual in most of central and western Europe. A significant drop in air temperatures was recorded in Russia, Belarus and northern Ukraine during the second half of October.

Heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms were recorded during the first half of October and during the first two weeks of November, mainly in southern and central parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula, France, the United Kingdom, western and central parts of the Iberian Peninsula, and Italy, causing local flooding.

The sowing of winter crops proceeded normally in the majority of the European regions, but sowing activities were hampered in some areas by torrential rains. In Italy and western Greece, the sowing of durum wheat was delayed due to excessive rainfall and overly wet soil conditions. The main delays in France were to the sowing of durum wheat in the south-eastern provinces. Persistent dry conditions in northern Ukraine, Belarus and the neighbouring Russian regions are negatively impacting the emergence of winter crops.



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