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USDA GAIN: Oilseeds, Cotton, Sugar, Grain and Feed

19 December 2014

USDA GAIN: Algeria Wheat Update December 2014USDA GAIN: Algeria Wheat Update December 2014

USDA GAIN Report - Oilseeds, Cotton, Sugar, Grain and Feed

Report Highlights:

French wheat exports to Algeria decreased by almost 47 percent due to a lack of available quality and quantity, opening Algeria to exports from Poland and Germany.

General Information:

According to FAS Algiers sources and news reports, Algeria’s French wheat imports declined dramatically as a result of poor crop quality. French bread wheat exports to Algeria decreased by almost 47 percent at the beginning of marketing year 2014/2015. Algeria imported 1.3 million MT of French origin bread wheat July - October 2014. Of note, is that during the same period last year, Algeria imported 2.2 MMT. French exports globally decreased by 9 percent despite targeting other export markets such as Egypt and Thailand. France AgriMer reported that harsh rains reduced France’s crop quality such that as much as 46 percent of the crop was only suitable for animal feed compared to 12 percent last year. The forecast was raised on sales of feed wheat to the U.S., Thailand and South Korea, which are non-traditional destinations.

As reported previously, Algeria has imported 6 to 7 MMT of wheat over the past few years. Bread wheat was 75 to 83 percent of the wheat imported. For several years, France has been the top wheat supplier to Algeria (75 percent) and commands the largest portion of the bread wheat (82 percent), and durum (59 percent) markets. Bloomberg reports that Algeria’s wheat imports from Poland (165,906 metric tons) and Germany (89,715 metric tons) have filled the void left by France’s weather damaged crop.

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