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Europe Mars Bulletins

22 June 2015

Europe Mars Bulletins - 22 June 2015Europe Mars Bulletins - 22 June 2015

Supplied by: MARS BULLETIN – EC - JRC

Crop yield forecasts for most winter cereals at EU-28 level have been lowered compared to last month’s forecast due suboptimal weather conditions. Still, the yield forecast for total cereals at EU-28 level remains above the 5-year average. Summer crops have had a fairly good start to the season.

In Spain, hot and dry conditions are negatively affecting central and southern regions. In Italy, durum wheat in Puglia continues to suffer from a lack of rain, and yields are expected to be low. In western and central Europe a large belt of cropland is currently experiencing low soil moisture conditions which are limiting crop growth, and which, if prolonged, will further negatively affect winter crop grain filling. However, plentiful precipitation is forecast in the coming days for these affected regions. Eastern Europe presents no major concerns apart from high temperatures, coupled with low precipitation in eastern Hungary. In Russia, near the border with Kazakhstan, a prolonged lack of rain has severely impacted cereal canopy growth. By contrast, favourable weather conditions have persisted over grassland in most of Europe, with above-average temperatures in the southern half of Europe. Rainfall has been sufficient, except in some areas of central Europe. Grassland biomass production is substantially higher than average in all countries considered.


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